Brechlin, Kellie (met at GenCon '98, live in Wisconsin), her picture, and her Home Page
Keeley, Theresa J (met at Origins '96, beautious assistant to Susan Van Camp)
Petticord, Athena (met at shop, moving to Washington)
Howe, Julia (GenCon '98 - hot chick who just dumped her bf) and her home page

Brock, John (potential Senior Volunteer at GenCon '98)
Nikolic, Viktor (met w/Kellie Brechlin at GenCon '98)


Bennet, Sue (Tech Support)
Crews, Dan (Billing)
Geiger, Bill (Systems)
Gustafson, Elizabeth (Corporate)
Hoelzle, Eric (Tech Support)
Krause, Michael (Systems)
McLaughlin, Mike (Systems Manager)
Merhaut, Jason (Corporate)
Proctor, Allison (Tech Support Manager)
Simmons, Jeff (Tech Support)
Sullivan, Tom (Tech Support)
Taylor, Bill (Tech Support)
Weiser, Russell (Tech Support & Corporate)
Weiser, Sue (Corporate Manager)
Weiss, Mily (Customer Service)
Wilkins, Ryan (systems)

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