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Doom / Doom 2 HTTP Usenet Newsgroups.....

Here is a list of Doom & Doom 2 Usenet newsgroups...

Yahoo - Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Titles:Doom:Usenet
Newsgroup: alt.binaries.doom
Newsgroup: alt.games.doom
Newsgroup: alt.games.doom.announce
Newsgroup: alt.games.doom.ii
Newsgroup: alt.games.doom.newplayers
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.announce
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.editing
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.fascists
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.help
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.misc
Newsgroup: rec.games.computer.doom.playing

If you have any Doom and/or Doom 2 site(s) or know of one you like, then E-mail me, XVR27, at xvr27@en.com and, if it exists, I will add it to this list!!!

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