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NOTE: This list contains all cards released as of 2000-12-31, but foil cards are not linked to graphics.

NOTE: This list containains 1,957 cards.

... In The Engine Room (The Trouble With Tribbles)
... In The Transporters (The Trouble With Tribbles)
... On The Bridge (The Trouble With Tribbles)
... On The Station (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1 Tribble (Bonus) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1 Tribble (Discard) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1 Tribble (Go) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10 And 01 (The Dominion)
10 And 01 (Reflections - Foil)
10 Tribbles (Bonus) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10 Tribbles (Go) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10 Tribbles (Poison) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100 Tribbles (Bonus) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100 Tribbles (Poison) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100 Tribbles (Rescue) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1,000 Tribbles (Bonus) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1,000 Tribbles (Discard) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1,000 Tribbles (Rescue) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10,000 Tribbles (Go) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10,000 Tribbles (Poison) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
10,000 Tribbles (Rescue) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100,000 Tribbles (Clone) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100,000 Tribbles (Clone) (Reflections - Foil)
100,000 Tribbles (Discard) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
100,000 Tribbles (Rescue) (The Trouble With Tribbles)
1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card (The Fajo Collection)
1st Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
6th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
33rd Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
34th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
35th Rule Of Acquisition (Mirror Mirror)
47th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
59th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
62nd Rule Of Acquisition (The Trouble With Tribbles)
75th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
211th Rule Of Acquisition (Rules Of Acquisition)
Aamin Marritza (Deep Space Nine)
Abandon Mission (First Contact)
Abandon Ship! (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Access Denied (Blaze Of Glory)
Access Relay Station (Deep Space Nine)
Acquire Illicit Explosives (Deep Space Nine)
Activate Subcommands (First Contact)
Activate Tractor Beam (Deep Space Nine)
Adapt: Modulate Shields (First Contact)
Adapt: Negate Obstruction (First Contact)
Add Distinctiveness (Enhanced First Contact)
Admiral Hayes (First Contact)
Admiral Leyton (The Dominion)
Admiral McCoy (Two-Player Game - Federation & Klingon)
Admiral Picard (Two-Player Game - Federation)
Admiral Riker (Preview Card - The Dominion)
Admiral Riker (Reflections - Foil)
Admiral Ross (Blaze Of Glory)
Agonizer (Mirror Mirror)
Agony Booth (Mirror Mirror)
Agricultural Assessment (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Aid Fugitives (Deep Space Nine)
Airlock (Deep Space Nine)
Ajur (Alternate Universe)
Alas, Poor Queen (First Contact)
Alas, Poor Queen (Reflections - Foil)
Albert Einstein (Basic Set)
Albino, The (Blaze Of Glory)
Aldebaran Serpent (Q Continuum)
Aldara (Deep Space Nine)
Alexander Rozhenko (Basic Set)
Alidar Jarok (Basic Set)
Alien Abduction (Basic Set)
Alien Gambling Device (Deep Space Nine)
Alien Groupie (Basic Set)
Alien Labyrinth (Alternate Universe)
Alien Parasites (Basic Set)
Alien Parasites & REM Fatigue (Enhanced Premiere)
Alien Probe (Basic Set)
Alliance Galor (Mirror Mirror)
Alliance Interceptor (Mirror Mirror)
Alliance K'Vort (Mirror Mirror)
Alliance Nor (Mirror Mirror)
Alliance Vor'Cha (Mirror Mirror)
Alpha Attack Ship (Blaze Of Glory)
Alter Records (Deep Space Nine)
Alternate Universe Door (Alternate Universe)
Altonian Brain Teaser (Deep Space Nine)
Altovar (Deep Space Nine)
Aluura (Rules Of Acquisition)
Alynna Nechayev (Basic Set)
Alyssa Ogawa (Basic Set)
Alyssa Ogawa (First Contact)
Amanda Rogers (Basic Set)
Amanda's Parents (Q Continuum)
Amarie (Basic Set)
Amaros (Deep Space Nine)
Amat'igan (The Dominion)
Amet'alox (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ambassador Krajensky (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ambassador Tomalak (Blaze Of Glory)
Anaphasic Organism (Basic Set)
Anaphasic Organism & Nagilum (Enhanced Premiere)
Anara (Deep Space Nine)
Ancient Computer (Basic Set)
Ancient Computer & Microvirus (Enhanced Premiere)
Android Headlock (First Contact)
Android Nightmares (Q Continuum)
Angry Mob (Deep Space Nine)
Anti-Matter Pod (Q Continuum)
Anti-Matter Spread (Alternate Universe)
Anti-Time Anomaly (Basic Set)
Antique Machine Gun (First Contact)
Anya (The Dominion)
Aphasia Device (Deep Space Nine)
Apnex (Rules Of Acquisition)
Arak'Taral (The Dominion)
Aramax (Mirror Mirror)
Arandis (Rules Of Acquisition)
Arbiter Of Succession (Q Continuum)
Archanis Dispute (The Dominion)
Archer (Basic Set)
Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? (Q Continuum)
Ari (Deep Space Nine)
Arms Deal (Deep Space Nine)
Armus - Skin Of Evil (Basic Set)
Armus - Skin Of Evil (White Bordered Beta Version)
Armus - Skin Of Evil (Reflections - Foil)
Armus - Sticky Situation (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Arne Darvin (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Art Of Diplomacy, The (Mirror Mirror)
Artillery Attack (Mirror Mirror)
Assassin's Blade (Deep Space Nine)
Assault Vessel (Deep Space Nine)
Assign Mission Specialists (First Contact)
Assign Support Personnel (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Assimilate Counterpart (First Contact)
Assimilate Homeworld (First Contact)
Assimilate Homeworld (Reflections - Foil)
Assimilate Planet (First Contact)
Assimilate Starship (First Contact)
Assimilate This! (First Contact)
Assimilation Table (First Contact)
Assimilation Tubules (First Contact)
Asteroid Sanctuary (Basic Set)
Attack Pattern Delta (Blaze Of Glory)
Attack Wing (Blaze Of Glory)
Atmospheric Ionization (Basic Set)
Atul (The Dominion)
Auto-Destruct Sequence (Basic Set)
Automated Security System (Deep Space Nine)
Avert Danger (Two-Player Game)
Avert Disaster (Basic Set)
Awaken (First Contact)
Azet'izan (The Dominion)
Ba'el (Basic Set)
Bajoran Civil War (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Freighter (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Interceptor (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Outpost (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran PADD (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Phaser (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Phaser Banks (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Bajoran Phaser Rifle (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Raider (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Bajoran Scout Vessel (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Shrine (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Bajoran Warship (Mirror Mirror)
Bajoran Wormhole (Deep Space Nine)
Bajoran Wormhole Mirror Universe (Mirror Mirror)
Balancing Act (First Contact)
Balok (Mirror Mirror)
Baran (Basic Set)
Barber Pole (Q Continuum)
Barclay Transporter Phobia (Alternate Universe)
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease (Basic Set)
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease (Reflections - Foil)
Bareil (Mirror Mirror)
Bareil Antos (Deep Space Nine)
Bareil Antos (Reflections - Foil)
Bareil Of Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
Barry Waddle (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Baryon Buildup (Alternate Universe)
Baseball (Deep Space Nine)
Bashir Founder (Second Anthology)
Bat'leth (Blaze Of Glory)
Bat'leth Tournament (Blaze Of Glory)
Batrell (Basic Set)
Battle Bridge Door (Blaze Of Glory)
Battle Cruiser (Mirror Mirror)
Bendii Syndrome (Q Continuum)
Benil (Rules Of Acquisition)
Benjamin Maxwell (Basic Set)
Benjamin Sisko (Deep Space Nine)
Benjamin Sisko (Reflections - Foil)
Berik (Rules Of Acquisition)
Berlingoff Rasmussen (Alternate Universe)
Berserk Changeling (The Dominion)
Betazed Invasion (The Dominion)
Betazoid Gift Box (Basic Set)
Betazoid Gift Box (Reflections - Foil)
B'Etor (Basic Set)
B'Etor (Reflections - Foil)
Beverly And Will (Enhanced Premiere)
Beverly Crusher (Basic Set)
Beverly Crusher (First Contact)
Beverly Crusher (Reflections - Foil)
Beverly Picard (Alternate Universe)
Beverly Picard (Reflections - Foil)
Beware Of Q (Deep Space Nine)
B.G. Robinson (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Big Picture, The (Blaze Of Glory)
B'iJik (Basic Set)
Bioweapon Ruse (The Dominion)
Birta (Rules Of Acquisition)
Birth Of "Junior" (Basic Set)
Black Hole (The Fajo Collection)
Blade Of Tkon (Q Continuum)
Blended (First Contact)
Blood Oath (Blaze Of Glory)
Blood Screening (Mirror Mirror)
Bochra (Basic Set)
Bodyguards (Rules Of Acquisition)
Boheeka (Deep Space Nine)
Bok (Basic Set)
Bok'Nor (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Boone Impersonator (Blaze Of Glory)
Borad (Deep Space Nine)
Bo'rak (Deep Space Nine)
Borath (The Dominion)
Boratus (Alternate Universe)
Borg Cube (First Contact)
Borg Cube (2000 Retailer Holiday Promotion - Foil)
Borg Cutting Beam (Blaze Of Glory)
Borg Cutting Beam (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Borg Kiss (First Contact)
Borg Neuroprocessor (First Contact)
Borg Outpost (First Contact)
Borg Queen (First Contact)
Borg Queen (Reflections - Foil)
Borg Scout Vessel (First Contact)
Borg Servo (First Contact)
Borg Ship (Basic Set)
Borg Ship (Reflections - Foil)
Borg Sphere (First Contact)
Botanical Research (Sealed Deck II)
Bractor (Rules Of Acquisition)
Breen CRM114 (Rules Of Acquisition)
Breen Disruptor Burst (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Breen Energy-Dampening Weapon (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Breen Warship (The Trouble With Tribbles)
B'rel (Rules Of Acquisition)
Bribery (Rules Of Acquisition)
Brief Romance (Deep Space Nine)
Broca (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Build Interplexing Beacon (First Contact)
Brain Drain (Alternate Universe)
Brainwash (Q Continuum)
Brunt (Rules Of Acquisition)
Brunt's Shuttle (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Brute Force (Alternate Universe)
Burial Ground (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Bynars Weapon Enhancement (Basic Set)
Bynars Weapon Enhancement (Reflections - Foil)
Calamarain (Q Continuum)
Calandra (Rules Of Acquisition)
Calloway (Basic Set)
Camping Trip (Deep Space Nine)
Canar (Q Continuum)
Captain Bashir (Mirror Mirror)
Captain Dax (Mirror Mirror)
Captain Kirk (Preview Card - The Dominion)
Captain Kirk (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Captain Koloth (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Captain's Log (Alternate Universe)
Captured (Blaze Of Glory)
Cardassian Disruptor (Deep Space Nine)
Cardassian Disruptor Rifle (Deep Space Nine)
Cardassian Outpost (Deep Space Nine)
Cardassian PADD (Deep Space Nine)
Cardassian Shuttle (Deep Space Nine)
Cardassian Trap (Alternate Universe)
Cargo Bay (Rules Of Acquisition)
Cargo Rendezvous (Two-Player Game)
Caught Red-Handed (The Dominion)
Center Of Attention (Rules Of Acquisition)
Central Command (Deep Space Nine)
Central Command (Reflections - Foil)
Centurion, The (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Chain Reaction Pulsar (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Chain Reaction Ricochet (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Cha'Joh (Deep Space Nine)
Cha'Joh (Reflections - Foil)
Chalnoth (Basic Set)
Chamber Of Ministers (Deep Space Nine)
Chamber Of Ministers (Reflections - Foil)
Change Of Plans, A (First Contact)
Changeling Research (Deep Space Nine)
Characterize Neutrino Emissions (Deep Space Nine)
Chart Stellar Cluster (Blaze Of Glory)
Charybdis, The (Alternate Universe)
Chief Engineer Scott (Mirror Mirror)
Chief Navigator Chekov (Mirror Mirror)
Chief O'Brien (Blaze Of Glory)
Chief Surgeon McCoy (Mirror Mirror)
Chinese Finger Puzzle (Q Continuum)
Ch'Pok (The Dominion)
Christopher Hobson (Basic Set)
Chula: Crossroads (Rules Of Acquisition)
Chula: Pick One To Save Two (The Dominion)
Chula: The Abyss (Blaze Of Glory)
Chula: The Chandra (The Dominion)
Chula: The Dice (The Dominion)
Chula: The Door (Rules Of Acquisition)
Chula: The Drink (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Chula: The Game (Mirror Mirror)
Chula: The Lights (Blaze Of Glory)
Chula: The Way Home (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Clan People (Deep Space Nine)
Classic Communicator (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Classic Disruptor (Mirror Mirror)
Classic Medical Tricorder (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Classic Tricorder (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Classic Type II Phaser (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Cloaked Mission (Basic Set)
Coalescent Organism (Alternate Universe)
Collect Sample (Rules Of Acquisition)
Colonel Day (Deep Space Nine)
Colony (Q Continuum)
Colony Preparations (Deep Space Nine)
Columbus (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Combat Vessel (Basic Set)
Comm Officer Uhura (Mirror Mirror)
Commandeer Ship (Blaze Of Glory)
Commander Charvanek (Mirror Mirror)
Commander Data (Two-Player Game - Federation)
Commander Leeta (Mirror Mirror)
Commander Tomalak (Alternate Universe)
Commander Troi (Two-Player Game - Federation)
Commander's Office (Deep Space Nine)
Common Thief (Deep Space Nine)
Compromised Mission (Alternate Universe)
Computer Crash (Deep Space Nine)
Computer Weapon & Hyper-Aging (Enhanced Premiere)
Construct Starship (Mirror Mirror)
Conundrum (Alternate Universe)
Construct Depot (The Dominion)
Continuing Committee (Rules Of Acquisition)
Cosmic String Fragment (Basic Set)
Council Of Warriors (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Coutu (Deep Space Nine)
Counterintelligence (Blaze Of Glory)
Countermanda (Alternate Universe)
Countermanda (Warp Pack)
Covert Installation (Basic Set)
Covert Installation II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Covert Installation II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Covert Rescue (Basic Set)
Crew Reassignment (The Dominion)
Crewman Wilson (Mirror Mirror)
"Crimson Forcefield" (Blaze Of Glory)
Crisis (The Dominion)
Croden's Key (The Dominion)
Crosis (Basic Set)
Crossover (Mirror Mirror)
Cryosatellite (Alternate Universe)
Cryosatellite (Reflections - Foil)
Crystalline Entity (Basic Set)
Crystalline Entity (Reflections - Foil)
Cultural Observation (Basic Set)
Cure Blight (Deep Space Nine)
Cytherians (Basic Set)
Cytherians (Reflections - Foil)
Dabo (Rules Of Acquisition)
Dakol (Deep Space Nine)
Dal'Rok (Deep Space Nine)
Damar (The Dominion)
Damar (Reflections - Foil)
Danar (Deep Space Nine)
Danderdag (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Dangerous Liaisons (Rules Of Acquisition)
Darian Wallace (Basic Set)
Darmok (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Daro (The Dominion)
Data (Basic Set)
Data (First Contact)
Data (Reflections - Foil)
Data And Geordi (Enhanced Premiere)
Data And Picard (Enhanced Premiere)
Data Laughing (Promo Card)
Data Laughing (Two-Player Game - Federation & Klingon)
Data's Body (Q Continuum)
Data's Head (Alternate Universe)
Data's Head (Reflections - Foil)
Data's Medals (Q Continuum)
Dathon (Alternate Universe)
Dathon (Reflections - Foil)
Daval (The Trouble With Tribbles)
D'deridex (Basic Set)
D'deridex Advanced (The Dominion)
D'deridex Advanced (Reflections - Foil)
Deactivation (First Contact)
Dead End (First Contact)
Dead In Bed (Alternate Universe)
Deanna Troi (Basic Set)
Deanna Troi (First Contact)
Deanna Troi (Reflections - Foil)
Decius (Alternate Universe)
Decius (Reflections - Foil)
Deep Space 9 (Terok Nor) (Deep Space Nine)
Deep Space Station K-7 (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Defend Homeworld (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Defense System Upgrade (Blaze Of Glory)
Defiant (Mirror Mirror)
Defiant Dedication Plaque (Deep Space Nine)
Dejar (The Dominion)
Deliver Message (Rules Of Acquisition)
Denevan Neural Parasites (Mirror Mirror)
Devil, The (Basic Set)
Deyos (Rules Of Acquisition)
Deliver Supplies (Deep Space Nine)
Derell (Deep Space Nine)
Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow (Alternate Universe)
Devidian Door (Alternate Universe)
Devidian Door (Reflections - Foil)
Devidian Foragers (Alternate Universe)
Devinoni Ral (Basic Set)
Devoras (Basic Set)
D'Ghor (Deep Space Nine)
Dial Martok For Murder (Blaze Of Glory)
Diplomacy Mission (Basic Set)
Diplomatic Conference (Alternate Universe)
Discommendation (Q Continuum)
Disengage Safety Protocols (First Contact)
Disrupt Alliance (Mirror Mirror)
Disruptor Overload (Basic Set)
Distortion Field (Basic Set)
Distortion Field (White Bordered Beta Version)
Distortion Of Space/Time Continuum (Basic Set)
Distraction (Mirror Mirror)
Distress Mission (Two-Player Game)
Divok (Basic Set)
Dixon Hill's Business Card (The Fajo Collection)
D'k Tahg (Blaze Of Glory)
D'Kora Marauder (Rules Of Acquisition)
D'Kora Transport (Rules Of Acquisition)
DNA Clues (Deep Space Nine)
DNA Clues (Reflections - Foil)
DNA Metamorphosis (The Fajo Collection)
Docking Pads (Deep Space Nine)
Docking Ports (Deep Space Nine)
Docking Procedures (Deep Space Nine)
Docking Pylons (Deep Space Nine)
Dolak (Blaze Of Glory)
Dominion Battleship (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Dominion PADD (The Dominion)
Donald Varley (Blaze Of Glory)
Door-Net (Q Continuum)
Don't Call Me Ahab (First Contact)
Doppelganger (Q Continuum)
Dorza (Mirror Mirror)
Dr. Borts (Rules Of Acquisition)
Dr. Farallon (Mirror Mirror)
Dr. Farek (Basic Set)
Dr. Koramar (Blaze Of Glory)
Dr. La Forge (Basic Set)
Dr. Leah Brahms (holo re-creation) (Basic Set)
Dr. McCoy (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Dr. Nydom (Deep Space Nine)
Dr. Q, Medicine Entity (Q Continuum)
Dr. Reyga (Basic Set)
Dr. Roger Korby (Mirror Mirror)
Dr. Royse (First Contact)
Dr. Selar (Basic Set)
Dr. Soong (The Fajo Collection)
Dr. Telek R'Mor (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Dr. Telek R'Mor (Reflections - Foil)
Drag Net (Q Continuum)
Drought Tree (Q Continuum)
Drumhead (Blaze Of Glory)
Dropping In (Deep Space Nine)
D'Tan (Alternate Universe)
Dukat (Deep Space Nine)
Dukat (Reflections - Foil)
Dukat Of Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
Dukath (Basic Set)
Dulmer (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Duonetic Field Generator (Deep Space Nine)
Duran'Adar (Blaze Of Glory)
Duranja (Deep Space Nine)
Duras (Basic Set)
D'vano (Mirror Mirror)
D'Vin (Blaze Of Glory)
Earring Of Li Nalas, The (The Dominion)
E-Band Emissions (Blaze Of Glory)
Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone (Alternate Universe)
Edan'Atal (Rules Of Acquisition)
Edo Probe (Alternate Universe)
Edo Vessel (Alternate Universe)
Eight Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Eighteen Of Nineteen (First Contact)
El-Adrel Creature (Basic Set)
Eleven Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Eleven Of Seventeen (Enhanced First Contact)
Elim (Blaze Of Glory)
Elim (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Elim Garak (Deep Space Nine)
Elim Garak (Reflections - Foil)
Eliminate Starship (First Contact)
Eliminate Virus (Deep Space Nine)
Elizabeth Lense (Rules Of Acquisition)
Emblem Of The Alliance (Mirror Mirror)
Emblem Of The Empire (Mirror Mirror)
Emergency Conversion (Mirror Mirror)
Emergency Evacuation (Rules Of Acquisition)
Emergency Transporter Armbands (Basic Set)
Emergency Transporter Armbands (White Bordered Beta Version)
E.M.H. Program (First Contact)
Emissary, The (Away Team Pack)
Empathic Echo (Alternate Universe)
Emperor's New Cloak, The (Mirror Mirror)
Empok Nor (The Dominion)
End Transmission (Q Continuum)
Energy Vortex (Basic Set)
Engineering Kit (Basic Set)
Engineering Tricorder (Deep Space Nine)
Engage Cloak (The Dominion)
Engage Shuttle Operations (Alternate Universe)
Engage Shuttle Operations: Dominion (Blaze Of Glory)
Engineering PADD (Basic Set)
Enhanced Attack Ship (Mirror Mirror)
Enrique Mu¤iz (Blaze Of Glory)
Ensign Chekov (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ensign Davis (Mirror Mirror)
Ensign Gaffney (Mirror Mirror)
Ensign O'Brien (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ensign Tuvok (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Entek (Deep Space Nine)
Eric Pressman (Basic Set)
Eris (The Dominion)
Escape Pod (Basic Set)
Espionage: Bajoran On Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Cardassian On Bajoran (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Cardassian On Federation (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Cardassian On Klingon (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Dominion On Federation (The Dominion)
Espionage: Dominion On Klingon (The Dominion)
Espionage: Dominion On Romulan (The Dominion)
Espionage: Federation On Klingon (Basic Set)
Espionage: Klingon On Federation (Basic Set)
Espionage: Romulan On Bajoran (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Romulan On Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)
Espionage: Romulan On Federation (Basic Set)
Espionage: Romulan On Klingon (Basic Set)
Espionage Mission (First Contact)
Espionage Mission (Reflections - Foil)
Establish Dominion Foothold (The Dominion)
Establish Gateway (First Contact)
Establish Landing Protocols (Deep Space Nine)
Establish Relations (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Establish Station (Deep Space Nine)
Establish Tractor Lock (Deep Space Nine)
Establish Trade Route (Rules Of Acquisition)
Etana Jol (Basic Set)
E'Tyshra (Deep Space Nine)
Evacuation (Basic Set)
Evacuation (White Bordered Beta Version)
Evaluate Terraforming (Basic Set)
Evasive Maneuvers (Blaze Of Glory)
Evek (Basic Set)
Examine Singularity (Blaze Of Glory)
Excavation (Basic Set)
Excavation (Warp Pack)
Excavation II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Excavation II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Executive Authorization (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Exocomp (Basic Set)
Explore Black Cluster (Basic Set)
Explore Black Cluster II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Explore Black Cluster II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Explore Dyson Sphere (Basic Set)
Explore Gamma Quadrant (Deep Space Nine)
Extradition (Deep Space Nine)
Extraordinary Methods (Deep Space Nine)
Explore Interstellar Matter (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Explore Typhone Expanse (Basic Set)
Explore Typhon Expanse II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Explore Typhon Expanse II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Expose Covert Supply (Basic Set)
Extraction (Basic Set)
Eyes In The Dark (Alternate Universe)
Ezri (Mirror Mirror)
Fair Play (The Dominion)
Fajo's Gallery (Blaze Of Glory)
Fajo's Gallery (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Falar (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Fast Ship Would Be Nice, A (Mirror Mirror)
Federation Outpost (Basic Set)
Federation PADD (Basic Set)
Fek'lhr (Basic Set)
Feldomite Rush (Mirror Mirror)
Female's Love Interest (Basic Set)
Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow (Enhanced Premiere)
Ferengi Attack (Alternate Universe)
Ferengi Bug (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Conference (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Disruptor (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Energy Weapon (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Infestation (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ferengi Ingenuity (Blaze Of Glory)
Ferengi Outpost (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi PADD (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition, The (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Shuttle (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ferengi Trading Post (Starter Deck II)
Ferengi Whip (Mirror Mirror)
Fesarius (Mirror Mirror)
Fever Emergency (Basic Set)
FGC-47 Research (Alternate Universe)
Fifteen Of Seventeen (First Contact)
Fightin' Words (Deep Space Nine)
File Mission Report (Deep Space Nine)
Fire Sculptor (Alternate Universe)
Firestorm (Basic Set)
Firestorm (White Bordered Beta Version)
First Contact (Basic Set)
First Minister Shakaar (The Trouble With Tribbles)
First Officer Spock (Mirror Mirror)
Fissure Research (Alternate Universe)
Five Of Eleven (First Contact)
Flaxian Assassin (Deep Space Nine)
Flaxian Scout Vessel (Deep Space Nine)
Fleet Admiral Shanthi (Basic Set)
Flight Of The Intruder (The Dominion)
Fontaine (Mirror Mirror)
For Cardassia! (Mirror Mirror)
Forced-Labor Camp (Rules Of Acquisition)
Founder (The Dominion)
Founder Leader (The Dominion)
Founder Leader (Reflections - Foil)
Founder Secret (The Dominion)
Four Of Eleven (First Contact)
Fractal Encryption Code (First Contact)
Frame Of Mind (Alternate Universe)
Framed For Murder (Deep Space Nine)
Friendly Fire (The Dominion)
Frigid (Q Continuum)
Frool (Rules Of Acquisition)
Full Phaser Spread (Blaze Of Glory)
Full Planet Scan (Basic Set)
Furel (Blaze Of Glory)
Future Enterprise (Alternate Universe)
Future Enterprise (Reflections - Foil)
Gaila (Rules Of Acquisition)
Gal Gath'thong (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Galathon (Basic Set)
Galen (Q Continuum)
Galen (Reflections - Foil)
Galor (Deep Space Nine)
Gantt (Mirror Mirror)
Gaps In Normal Space (Basic Set)
Garak (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Garak (The Dominion)
Garak (Reflections - Foil)
Garak Has Some Issues (Deep Space Nine)
Garak's Tailor Shop (Deep Space Nine)
Garanian Bolites (Deep Space Nine)
Gatherers, The (Alternate Universe)
Gault (Two-Player Game)
Gelnon (Blaze Of Glory)
Gem (The Trouble With Tribbles)
General Hazar (The Dominion)
General Krim (Deep Space Nine)
Genetronic Replicator (Basic Set)
Geological Survey (Starter Deck II)
Geordi La Forge (Basic Set)
Geordi La Forge (First Contact)
Geordi La Forge (Reflections - Foil)
George Primmin (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ghoren (Deep Space Nine)
Gibson (Q Continuum)
Gift Of The Tormentor (Q Continuum)
Gilora Rejal (Deep Space Nine)
Gi'ral (Two-Player Game - Klingon)
Giusti (Basic Set)
Giusti (White Bordered Beta Version)
Go Back Whence Thou Camest (Q Continuum)
Goddess Of Empathy (Basic Set)
Going To The Top (Deep Space Nine)
Gold-Pressed Latinum (Rules Of Acquisition)
Gomtuu (Alternate Universe)
Gomtuu (Reflections - Foil)
Good Day To Live, A (Blaze Of Glory)
Good Place To Die, A (Two-Player Game)
Goran'Agar (The Dominion)
Gorath (Basic Set)
Goraxus (Blaze Of Glory)
Goraxus (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Gorn Encounter (Mirror Mirror)
Gorrus (Mirror Mirror)
Gorta (Basic Set)
Gorta (Warp Pack)
Goss (Rules Of Acquisition)
Governor Worf (Alternate Universe)
Governor Worf (Reflections - Foil)
Gowron (Basic Set)
Gowron (Reflections - Foil)
Gowron Of Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
Gowron Of Borg (Reflections - Foil)
Graham Davis (Deep Space Nine)
Gral (Rules Of Acquisition)
Grand Nagus Gint (Rules Of Acquisition)
Grand Nagus Zek (Rules Of Acquisition)
Gravesworld (Two-Player Game)
Gravimetric Distortion (Blaze Of Glory)
Gravitic Mine (Basic Set)
Great Hall, The (The Dominion)
Great Hall, The (Reflections - Foil)
Great Link, The (The Dominion)
Great Link, The (Reflections - Foil)
Grebnedlog (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Grilka (Deep Space Nine)
Groumall (Deep Space Nine)
Guardian, The (Blaze Of Glory)
Guardian Of Forever, The (Mirror Mirror)
Guest Quarters (Deep Space Nine)
Guilty - Provisionally (Q Continuum)
Guinan (The Fajo Collection)
Gul Madred (Blaze Of Glory)
Gunrunning (Rules Of Acquisition)
Gurat'urak (The Dominion)
Haakona (Basic Set)
Hagath (Rules Of Acquisition)
Hail (Alternate Universe)
Halkan Council (Mirror Mirror)
Hannah Bates (Basic Set)
Hanok (Rules Of Acquisition)
Harvester Virus (Deep Space Nine)
Hate Crime (Deep Space Nine)
Hawk (First Contact)
Hazardous Duty (Blaze Of Glory)
He Will Make An Excellent Drone (First Contact)
Heisenberg Compensators (Q Continuum)
Hero Of The Empire (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Hidden Entrance (Alternate Universe)
Hidden Fighter (Deep Space Nine)
Hide And Seek (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Higher ... The Fewer, The (Alternate Universe)
Higher ... The Q-er, The (Q Continuum)
Hippocratic Oath (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
His Honor, The High Sheriff Of Nottingham (Q Continuum)
Historical Research (Mirror Mirror)
Hogue (Deep Space Nine)
Holding Cell Door (Blaze Of Glory)
Holo-Projectors (Basic Set)
Hologram Ruse (Basic Set)
Homefront (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Homeworld (Two-Player Game)
Honor Challenge (Basic Set)
Hon'Tihl (Blaze Of Glory)
Horga'hn (Basic Set)
Horga'hn (Reflections - Foil)
Horta (Mirror Mirror)
Hostage Situation (Two-Player Game)
Hostage Trade (Mirror Mirror)
Howard Heirloom Candle (Alternate Universe)
HQ: Defensive Measures (Deep Space Nine)
HQ: Ferengi Credit Exchange (Rules Of Acquisition)
HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform (The Trouble With Tribbles)
HQ: Return Orb To Bajor (Deep Space Nine)
HQ: Secure Homeworld (Deep Space Nine)
HQ: War Room (Deep Space Nine)
Hugh (Basic Set)
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Alternate Universe)
Hunt for DNA Program (Basic Set)
Hunter Gangs (Alternate Universe)
Husnock Outpost (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Husnock Ship (Basic Set)
Hyper-Aging (Basic Set)
I Am Not A Merry Man (Q Continuum)
I Tried To Warn You (Deep Space Nine)
Ian Andrew Troi (Alternate Universe)
Iconia Investigation (Basic Set)
Iconian Computer Weapon (Basic Set)
Iconian Gateway (Alternate Universe)
Ikat'Ika (Rules Of Acquisition)
I.K.C. Bortas (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Bortas (Reflections - Foil)
I.K.C. Buruk (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Chang (The Fajo Collection)
I.K.C. Fek'lhr (Alternate Universe)
I.K.C. Fek'lhr (Reflections - Foil)
I.K.C. Gr'oth (The Trouble With Tribbles)
I.K.C. Hegh'ta (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Hegh'ta (Reflections - Foil)
I.K.C. Ki'tang (Mirror Mirror)
I.K.C. Maht-H'a (Q Continuum)
I.K.C. Koraga (Blaze Of Glory)
I.K.C. K'Ratak (Alternate Universe)
I.K.C. K'Vort (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Lukara (Blaze Of Glory)
I.K.C. Negh'Var (Blaze Of Glory)
I.K.C. Negh'Var (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
I.K.C. Ning'tao (The Trouble With Tribbles)
I.K.C. Pagh (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Qu'Vat (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Rotarran (The Dominion)
I.K.C. Rotarran (Reflections - Foil)
I.K.C. Toh'Kaht (Deep Space Nine)
I.K.C. T'ong (Q Continuum)
I.K.C. Vor'Cha (Basic Set)
I.K.C. Vorn (Basic Set)
Ilon Tandro (Blaze Of Glory)
I'm A Doctor, Not A Bricklayer! (Mirror Mirror)
I'm A Doctor, Not A Doorstop (First Contact)
Immortal Again (Q Continuum)
Impassable Door (Basic Set)
Impersonate Captive (Blaze Of Glory)
Impose Order (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
In The Bag (The Dominion)
In The Pale Moonlight (Rules Of Acquisition)
Incoming Message: Attack Authorization (Alternate Universe)
Incoming Message - Bajoran (Deep Space Nine)
Incoming Message - Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)
Incoming Message - Federation (Basic Set)
Incoming Message - Ferengi (Rules Of Acquisition)
Incoming Message - Klingon (Basic Set)
Incoming Message - Romulan (Basic Set)
Incoming Message - The Continuum (Q Continuum)
Infirmary (Deep Space Nine)
Inge Eiger (First Contact)
Inglatu (Rules Of Acquisition)
Inside Operation (Blaze Of Glory)
Inside Operation (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Install Autonomic Systems Parasite (The Dominion)
Intelligence Operation (The Dominion)
Intendant, The (Mirror Mirror)
Intermix Ratio (First Contact)
Interphase Generator (Basic Set)
Interphasic Plasma Creatures (Alternate Universe)
Intercept Maquis (Deep Space Nine)
Intercept Renegade (Deep Space Nine)
Interrogation (Alternate Universe)
Interrogation (Reflections - Foil)
Into The Breach (Q Continuum)
Intruder Alert! (Blaze Of Glory)
Intruder Force Field (Alternate Universe)
Invasive Beam-In (The Dominion)
Investigate Coup (The Dominion)
Investigate Alien Probe (Basic Set)
Investigate Anomaly (Basic Set)
Investigate Anomaly (Warp Pack)
Investigate Anomaly II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Investigate Anomaly II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Investigate Disappearance (Basic Set)
Investigate Disturbance (Basic Set)
Investigate Incursion (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Investigate Legend (Q Continuum)
Investigate Massacre (Basic Set)
Investigate Raid (Basic Set)
Investigate Rogue Comet (Basic Set)
Investigate Rumors (Deep Space Nine)
Investigate Rumors (Reflections - Foil)
Investigate "Shattered Space" (Basic Set)
Investigate "Shattered Space" (Reflections - Foil)
Investigate Sighting (Basic Set)
Investigate Sighting II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Investigate Sighting II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Investigate Time Continuum (Basic Set)
Investigate Time Continuum (White Bordered Beta Version)
I.P. Scanner (Alternate Universe)
Ira Graves (Q Continuum)
Isabella (Alternate Universe)
Ishara Yar (Basic Set)
Ishka (Rules Of Acquisition)
Isolinear Puzzle (Deep Space Nine)
I.S.S. Constitution (Mirror Mirror)
I.S.S. Enterprise (Mirror Mirror)
Issue Is Patriotism, The (Q Continuum)
Issue Secret Orders (The Dominion)
It's Only A Game (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ixtana'Rax (Blaze Of Glory)
Jabara (Deep Space Nine)
Jace Michaels (Deep Space Nine)
Jack Crusher (Alternate Universe)
Jadzia Dax (Deep Space Nine)
Jadzia Dax (Blaze Of Glory)
Jadzia Dax (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Jadzia Dax (Reflections - Foil)
Jaglom Shrek - Information Broker (Basic Set)
Jaheel (Deep Space Nine)
Jake And Nog (Deep Space Nine)
Jake Sisko (Mirror Mirror)
Jamaharon (Alternate Universe)
James Tiberius Kirk (Mirror Mirror)
Jaresh-Inyo (The Dominion)
Jaro Essa (Deep Space Nine)
Ja'rod (Two-Player Game - Klingon)
Jaron (Basic Set)
Jasad (Deep Space Nine)
Javek Len (Mirror Mirror)
J'Ddan (Basic Set)
Jealous Amanda (Q Continuum)
Jean Luc And Beverly (Enhanced Premiere)
Jean-Luc Picard (Basic Set)
Jean-Luc Picard (First Contact)
Jean-Luc Picard (Reflections - Foil)
Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (The Dominion)
Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber (The Dominion)
Jem'Hadar Disruptor (The Dominion)
Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle (The Dominion)
Jem'Hadar Sacrifice (The Dominion)
Jem'Hadar Warship (The Dominion)
Jenice Manheim (Q Continuum)
Jenna D'Sora (Basic Set)
Jenok (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Jera (holo re-creation) (Basic Set)
Jo'Bril (Basic Set)
Jodmos (Second Anthology)
John Doe (Q Continuum)
Joseph Travis (First Contact)
Jovis (Rules Of Acquisition)
Juggler, The (Basic Set)
Juggler, The (White Bordered Beta Version)
Julian Bashir (Deep Space Nine)
Julian Bashir (Reflections - Foil)
Juliana Tainer (Q Continuum)
Jural (Deep Space Nine)
Kahless (Basic Set)
Kahless (Reflections - Foil)
Kahlest (Q Continuum)
Kai Opaka (Deep Space Nine)
Kai Winn (The Dominion)
Kalita (Deep Space Nine)
Kallis Ven (Deep Space Nine)
Kang (Blaze Of Glory)
Kang (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Kareel Odan (Basic Set)
Kareen Brianon (Q Continuum)
Karemman Vessel (Rules Of Acquisition)
Karen Loews (Deep Space Nine)
Kargan (Basic Set)
Karina (Deep Space Nine)
Kar'takin (Blaze Of Glory)
Kasidy Yates (Rules Of Acquisition)
Katherine Pulaski (Q Continuum)
Kathleen Tonell (First Contact)
Kavok (Blaze Of Glory)
Kazago (Rules Of Acquisition)
K'chiQ (Q Continuum)
K'Ehleyr (Basic Set)
Keevan (The Dominion)
Keeve Falor (The Dominion)
Keiko O'Brien (Q Continuum)
Keldon (Blaze Of Glory)
Keldon Advanced (Reflections - Foil)
Keldon Advanced (The Dominion)
Kalenna (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Kell (Basic Set)
Kelvan Show Of Force (Mirror Mirror)
Keogh (The Dominion)
Keras (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Kered (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ketracel-White (The Dominion)
Kevin Uxbridge (Basic Set)
Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence (Alternate Universe)
Khazara (Basic Set)
Khazara (Reflections - Foil)
Khitomer Research (Basic Set)
Khitomer Research (White Bordered Beta Version)
Kidnappers (Deep Space Nine)
Kilana (The Dominion)
Kira (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Kira Founder (The Dominion)
Kira Founder (Reflections - Foil)
Kira Nerys (Deep Space Nine)
Kira Nerys (Reflections - Foil)
Kitrik (Q Continuum)
Kivas Fajo (The Fajo Collection)
Kivas Fajo - Collector (Basic Set)
Kivas Fajo - Collector (2000 Distributor Holiday Promotion - Foil)
Klag (Basic Set)
Kle'eg (Basic Set)
Klaestron Outpost (Deep Space Nine)
Klim Dokachin (Alternate Universe)
Klingon Civil War (Q Continuum)
Klingon Death Yell (Basic Set)
Klingon Death Yell (Reflections - Foil)
Klingon Disruptor (Basic Set)
Klingon Disruptor Rifle (Blaze Of Glory)
Klingon Empire Outpost (Mirror Mirror)
Klingon Outpost (Basic Set)
Klingon PADD (Basic Set)
Klingon Painstik (Q Continuum)
Klingon Right Of Vengeance (Basic Set)
K'mpec (Basic Set)
K'mtar (Alternate Universe)
K'nera (Q Continuum)
Koloth (Blaze Of Glory)
Koloth (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Konmel (Basic Set)
Kor (Blaze Of Glory)
Kor (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Koral (Basic Set)
Korax (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Koret'alak (The Dominion)
Korinas (Deep Space Nine)
Koroth (Basic Set)
Korris (Basic Set)
Korvek (Mirror Mirror)
Kotran Pa'Dar (Deep Space Nine)
Kova Tholl (Q Continuum)
Koval (Second Anthology)
Kovat (Deep Space Nine)
Krajensky Founder (Rules Of Acquisition)
Kras (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Krax (Rules Of Acquisition)
Kraxon (Blaze Of Glory)
Kraxon (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Krayton (Rules Of Acquisition)
Kreechta (Rules Of Acquisition)
Kressari Rendezvous (Deep Space Nine)
Krios Suppression (Basic Set)
Kromm (Basic Set)
Krozh (Rules Of Acquisition)
Krunk (Rules Of Acquisition)
K'Tal (Basic Set)
Ktarian Game (Basic Set)
K'Tesh (Basic Set)
Kudak'Etan (Blaze Of Glory)
Kukalaka (Rules Of Acquisition)
Kurak (Basic Set)
Kurlan Naiskos (Basic Set)
Kurlan Naiskos (Reflections - Foil)
Kurn (Basic Set)
Kurn (Reflections - Foil)
K'Vada (Basic Set)
La Forge Impersonator (Blaze Of Glory)
La Forge Impersonator (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
La Forge Maneuver (Alternate Universe)
Lack Of Preparation (First Contact)
Lakanta (Alternate Universe)
Lal (Q Continuum)
Lam (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lamat'Ukan (Blaze Of Glory)
Latinum Payoff (Alternate Universe)
Launch Portal (First Contact)
Leah Brahms (Basic Set)
Leck (Rules Of Acquisition)
Leeta (Rules Of Acquisition)
Legate Damar (Second Anthology)
Lemec (Rules Of Acquisition)
Lemon-Aid (Q Continuum)
Lenaris Holem (Deep Space Nine)
Letek (Rules Of Acquisition)
Lethean Telepathic Attack (Deep Space Nine)
Leyton Founder (The Dominion)
Li Nalas (Deep Space Nine)
Liam Bilby (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Limara'Son (The Dominion)
Life-Form Scan (Basic Set)
Lightner (First Contact)
Lily Sloane (First Contact)
Linda Larson (Basic Set)
Line Must Be Drawn Here, The (First Contact)
Lineup (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lisa Azar (First Contact)
Live Long And Prosper (The Trouble With Tribbles)
L'Kor (Basic Set)
Lockbox (Deep Space Nine)
Locutus Of Borg (The Fajo Collection)
Locutus' Borg Cube (Blaze Of Glory)
Locutus' Borg Cube (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Lojal (Deep Space Nine)
Long Live The Queen (Blaze Of Glory)
Long-Range Scan (Basic Set)
Lore (The Fajo Collection)
Lore Returns (Basic Set)
Lore's Fingernail (Basic Set)
Loreva (Mirror Mirror)
Loss Of Orbital Stability (Basic Set)
Lovok (The Dominion)
Lovok Founder (The Dominion)
Lower Decks (Alternate Universe)
Lt. Bailey (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Bashir (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. D'Amato (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Dax (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Grant (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. (j.g.) Picard (Alternate Universe)
Lt. Kyle (Mirror Mirror)
Lt. Moreau (Mirror Mirror)
Lt. Nagata (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Sisko (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Sulu (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Uhura (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lt. Watley (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Luaran (Mirror Mirror)
Lucsly (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lumba (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Lupaza (Blaze Of Glory)
Lurin (Rules Of Acquisition)
Lursa (Basic Set)
Lursa (Reflections - Foil)
Luther Sloan (Second Anthology)
Lwaxana Troi (White Bordered Beta Version)
Lwaxanna Troi (Basic Set)
Macet (The Dominion)
Madam Guinan (Q Continuum)
Madam Guinan (Reflections - Foil)
Madred (Q Continuum)
Magic Carpet Ride OCD (First Contact)
Magic Carpet Ride OCD (Reflections - Foil)
Maglock (First Contact)
Magnetic North (Deep Space Nine)
Maihar'du (Rules Of Acquisition)
Major Rakal (Alternate Universe)
Major Rakal (Reflections - Foil)
Makbar (Deep Space Nine)
Make It So (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Make Us Go (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Makla'Gor (The Dominion)
Male's Love Interest (Basic Set)
Male's Love Interest & Plague Ship (Enhanced Premiere)
Malfunctioning Door (Alternate Universe)
Maman Picard (Alternate Universe)
Mandarin Bailiff (Q Continuum)
Manheim's Dimensional Door (Q Continuum)
Maques (Alternate Universe)
Marauder (Mirror Mirror)
Mardah (Rules Of Acquisition)
Margh (Rules Of Acquisition)
Market Research (Rules Of Acquisition)
Marlena Moreau (Mirror Mirror)
Marouk (Q Continuum)
Martok (The Dominion)
Martok (Reflections - Foil)
Martok Founder (The Dominion)
Martus Mazur (Deep Space Nine)
Masaka Transformations (Basic Set)
Mask Of Korgano, The (Alternate Universe)
Matriarchal Society (Basic Set)
Maximum Firepower (Blaze Of Glory)
Maximum Firepower (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
McKnight (Basic Set)
Medi-Kit (Basic Set)
Medical PADD (Deep Space Nine)
Medical Relief (Basic Set)
Medical Tricorder (Basic Set)
Mek'leth (Blaze Of Glory)
Memory Wipe (Starter Deck II)
Mendak (Basic Set)
Mendon (Basic Set)
Mendon (White Bordered Beta Version)
Menthar Booby Trap (Basic Set)
Mercenary Ship (Basic Set)
Mercy Kill (First Contact)
Meso'Clan (The Dominion)
Metaphasic Shields (Basic Set)
Michael Eddington (The Dominion)
Mickey D. (Alternate Universe)
Microbiotic Colony (Basic Set)
Microvirus (Basic Set)
Miles O'Brien (The Fajo Collection)
Miles O'Brien (Blaze Of Glory)
Military Exercises (Starter Deck II)
Military Freighter (Deep Space Nine)
Military Privilege (Q Continuum)
Mine Dilithium (Mirror Mirror)
Mineral Survey (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Mining Survey (The Dominion)
Minister Rozahn (Deep Space Nine)
Mirasta Yale (Q Continuum)
Miradorn Raider (Deep Space Nine)
Mirok (Basic Set)
Mirror Dagger (Mirror Mirror)
Mirror Ferengi Shuttle (Mirror Mirror)
Mirror Image (First Contact)
Mirror Terok Nor (Front) (Mirror Mirror)
Mirror Terok Nor (Back) (Mirror Mirror)
Misguided Activist (Deep Space Nine)
Mission Debriefing (First Contact)
Mission Fatigue (The Dominion)
Mogh (Two-Player Game - Klingon)
Mona Lisa (Q Continuum)
Mondor (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Montana Missile Complex (First Contact)
Montana Missile Complex (Reflections - Foil)
Montgomery Scott (Alternate Universe)
Montgomery Scott (Warp Pack)
Mopak (Blaze Of Glory)
Mora Pol (Deep Space Nine)
Morag (Basic Set)
Mordoc (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Mordock (Q Continuum)
Morgan Bateson (Basic Set)
Morka (Deep Space Nine)
Morn (Rules Of Acquisition)
Morta (Rules Of Acquisition)
Mortal Q (Q Continuum)
Mot The Barber (Basic Set)
Mot's Advice (Alternate Universe)
Movar (Basic Set)
Mr. Andrews (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Brunt (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Homn (Q Continuum)
Mr. Nog (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Quark (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Rom (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Scott (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Mr. Sisko (Mirror Mirror)
Mr. Spock (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Mr. Tuvok (Mirror Mirror)
Multidimensional Transporter Device (Mirror Mirror)
My First Raygun (First Contact)
Mysterious Orb (Deep Space Nine)
Nagilum (Basic Set)
Naked Truth, The (Q Continuum)
Nalan Bal (Deep Space Nine)
Nanites (Basic Set)
Naprem (Rules Of Acquisition)
Narik (Basic Set)
Natima Lang (Deep Space Nine)
Nausicaans (Basic Set)
Nava (Rules Of Acquisition)
Navigate Plasma Storms (Deep Space Nine)
Navigational Hazards (The Dominion)
Navok (Blaze Of Glory)
Near-Warp Transport (Basic Set)
Nebula (Q Continuum)
Neela (Deep Space Nine)
Neela Daren (Basic Set)
Neral (Basic Set)
Neural Servo Device (Basic Set)
Neutral Outpost (Alternate Universe)
Neutral Outpost (Warp Pack)
New Contact (Basic Set)
New Essentialists (Blaze Of Glory)
N'Garen (Blaze Of Glory)
Nibor (Rules Of Acquisition)
Nick Locarno (Q Continuum)
Nightmare (Enhanced First Contact)
Nikolai Rozhenko (Basic Set)
Nilva (Rules Of Acquisition)
Nilz Baris (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Nine Of Eleven (First Contact)
Nine Of Seventeen (First Contact)
Nitrium Metal Parasites (Basic Set)
No Loose Ends (Deep Space Nine)
No Way Out (Mirror Mirror)
Nog (Rules Of Acquisition)
None Shall Pass (Deep Space Nine)
Nor (Deep Space Nine)
Norah Satie (Basic Set)
Nu'Daq (Basic Set)
Null Space (Basic Set)
Nurse Chapel (Mirror Mirror)
Nutational Shields (Basic Set)
N'Vek (Basic Set)
Obarakeh (First Contact)
Obedience Brings Victory (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Obelisk Of Masaka (The Trouble With Tribbles)
O'Brien Founder (The Dominion)
O'Brien Founder (Reflections - Foil)
Ocett (Basic Set)
Ocular Implants (First Contact)
Ocular Implants (Reflections - Foil)
Odo (Deep Space Nine)
Odo (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Odo (Reflections - Foil)
Odo Founder (Blaze Of Glory)
Odo Founder (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Odo's "Cousin" (Deep Space Nine)
Off Switch (Q Continuum)
Office Of The President (The Dominion)
Office Of The President (Reflections - Foil)
Office Of The Proconsul (The Dominion)
Office Of The Proconsul (Reflections - Foil)
Oken'alak (Blaze Of Glory)
Omag (Rules Of Acquisition)
Omet'iklan (The Dominion)
One Of Eleven (First Contact)
Ooby Dooby (First Contact)
Oof! (Deep Space Nine)
Oops! (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Open Diplomatic Relations (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Operate Wormhole Relays (The Dominion)
Ophidian Cane (Alternate Universe)
Ops (Deep Space Nine)
Ops: Mirror Universe (Mirror Mirror)
Orb Experience (Deep Space Nine)
Orb Fragment (Deep Space Nine)
Orb Negotiations (Deep Space Nine)
Orb Of Prophecy And Change (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Orb Of Prophecy And Change (The Dominion)
Orb Of Time (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Orb Of Wisdom (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ore Processing Unit (Deep Space Nine)
Organian Peace Treaty (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Orion Syndicate Bomb (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ornithar (The Dominion)
Orren Ran (Deep Space Nine)
Orta (The Dominion)
Outgunned (Blaze Of Glory)
Outpost Raid (Alternate Universe)
Overseer Mardel (Mirror Mirror)
Overseer Odo (Mirror Mirror)
Pallra (Deep Space Nine)
Palor Toff - Alien Trader (Basic Set)
Palteth (Basic Set)
Palukoo (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Panel Overload (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Par Lenor (Rules Of Acquisition)
Parallax Arguers (Q Continuum)
Parallel Romance (Alternate Universe)
Pardek (Basic Set)
Parem (Basic Set)
Parn (Deep Space Nine)
Parthok (Blaze Of Glory)
Particle Fountain (Basic Set)
Patahk (Rules Of Acquisition)
Patrol Ship (Rules Of Acquisition)
Pattern Enhancers (Basic Set)
Particle Scattering Field (Alternate Universe)
Patrol Neutral Zone (First Contact)
Paul Manheim (Q Continuum)
Paul Porter (First Contact)
Paul Rice (Alternate Universe)
Paxan "Wormhole" (Q Continuum)
Paxton Reese (Deep Space Nine)
Pegasus Search (Basic Set)
Pegasus Search (Reflections - Foil)
Pel (Rules Of Acquisition)
Penalty Box (Q Continuum)
Perak (Deep Space Nine)
Persistence Of Memory (The Fajo Collection)
Phased Cloaking Device (Rules Of Acquisition)
Phased Matter (Basic Set)
Phased Polaron Beam (Blaze Of Glory)
Phaser Array Power Cell (Blaze Of Glory)
Phaser Banks (Blaze Of Glory)
Phaser Burns (Alternate Universe)
Phoenix (First Contact)
Photon Torpedo (Blaze Of Glory)
Pi (Basic Set)
Picard Maneuver (Blaze Of Glory)
Picard's Artificial Heart (The Fajo Collection)
Pla-Net (Q Continuum)
Plague Planet (Q Continuum)
Plain, Simple Garak (Deep Space Nine)
Planet (First Contact)
Plans Of The Obsidian Order (Deep Space Nine)
Plans Of The Tal Shiar (Deep Space Nine)
Plans Of The Tal Shiar (Reflections - Foil)
Plasma Energy Burst (Rules Of Acquisition)
Plasma Fire (Basic Set)
Plasma Torpedo (Blaze Of Glory)
Plasmadyne Relay (Q Continuum)
Plexing (Q Continuum)
Plunder Site (Basic Set)
Population 9 Billion - All Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
Portal Guard (Basic Set)
Post Garrison (The Dominion)
Prak (Rules Of Acquisition)
Prakesh (Deep Space Nine)
Prakesh (Reflections - Foil)
Preparation (Deep Space Nine)
Prepare Assault Teams (First Contact)
Prepare The Prisoner (Blaze Of Glory)
Primary Energy Weapon (Blaze Of Glory)
Primary Supply Depot (The Dominion)
Primitive Culture (First Contact)
Prisoner Escort (Blaze Of Glory)
Prisoner Exchange (Blaze Of Glory)
Process Ore (Deep Space Nine)
Professor Sisko (Mirror Mirror)
Promenade Shops (Deep Space Nine)
Prot (Mirror Mirror)
Protect Shipment (The Dominion)
Protection Racket (Rules Of Acquisition)
Protouniverse (Deep Space Nine)
Prylar Mond (Deep Space Nine)
Pulse Disruptor (Blaze Of Glory)
Pulse Phaser Cannons (Blaze Of Glory)
Punishment Box (Deep Space Nine)
Punishment Zone (Alternate Universe)
"Pup" (Deep Space Nine)
Purchase Moon (Rules Of Acquisition)
Q (Basic Set)
Q (Reflections - Foil)
Q Gets The Point (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Q The Referee (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Q2 (Basic Set)
Q-Flash (Q Continuum)
Q-Net (Basic Set)
Q's Planet (Q Continuum)
Q's Tent (Q Continuum)
Q-Type Android (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Q's Vicious Animal Things (Q Continuum)
Qapla'! (The Fajo Collection)
Qol (Rules Of Acquisition)
Qualor II Rendezvous (Alternate Universe)
Quantum Fissure (Mirror Mirror)
Quantum Singularity Lifeforms (Alternate Universe)
Quantum Torpedo (Blaze Of Glory)
Quark (Rules Of Acquisition)
Quark Son Of Keldar (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Quark Son Of Keldar (Blaze Of Glory)
Quark's Bar (Rules Of Acquisition)
Quark's Isolinear Rods (Rules Of Acquisition)
Quark's Treasure (Rules Of Acquisition)
Quash Conspiracy (Alternate Universe)
Queen's Borg Cube (First Contact)
Queen's Borg Cube (Reflections - Foil)
Queen's Borg Sphere (First Contact)
Quest For The Sword (The Dominion)
Rachel Garrett (Alternate Universe)
Radioactive Garbage Scow (Basic Set)
Rager (Q Continuum)
Raise The Stakes (Basic Set)
Rano Dake (Deep Space Nine)
Rascals (Alternate Universe)
Rase Norvan (Deep Space Nine)
Rax'Na (Deep Space Nine)
Razka Karn (Deep Space Nine)
Reaction Control Thrusters (Deep Space Nine)
Reactor Overload (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ready Room Door (First Contact)
Rebel Encounter (Basic Set)
Rebel Interceptor (Mirror Mirror)
Receptacle Stones (Alternate Universe)
Reclamation (Deep Space Nine)
Recruit Mercenaries (Deep Space Nine)
Red Alert! (Basic Set)
Reflection Therapy (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Refuse Immigration (Deep Space Nine)
Regency 1 (Mirror Mirror)
Regenerate (First Contact)
Regenerate (Reflections - Foil)
Regent Worf (Mirror Mirror)
Reginald Barclay (Basic Set)
Reginald Barclay (First Contact)
Reginod (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Reignite Dead Star (Deep Space Nine)
Rekelen (Deep Space Nine)
Relief Mission (Basic Set)
Relief Mission (Warp Pack)
Relief Mission II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Relief Mission II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Relocate Settlers (Deep Space Nine)
REM Fatigue Hallucinations (Basic Set)
Remata'Klan (The Dominion)
Remodulation (First Contact)
Remote Supply Depot (The Dominion)
Renewal Scroll (Deep Space Nine)
Reopen Dig (Two-Player Game)
Repair Mission (Basic Set)
Reported Activity (Two-Player Game)
Res-Q (Basic Set)
Rescue Founder (The Dominion)
Rescue Personnel (Deep Space Nine)
Rescue Prisoners (Deep Space Nine)
Rescue Captives (Alternate Universe)
Resistance Is Futile (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ressikan Flute (Alternate Universe)
Ressikan Flute (Reflections - Foil)
Restore Errant Moon (Basic Set)
Retask (First Contact)
Retask (Reflections - Foil)
Retaya (Deep Space Nine)
Reunion (Alternate Universe)
Revolving Door (Alternate Universe)
Revolving Door (Reflections - Foil)
Rhetorical Question (Deep Space Nine)
Richard Castillo (Alternate Universe)
Richard Galen (Basic Set)
Richard Wilkins (First Contact)
Rigelian Freighter (Deep Space Nine)
Riker Wil (Blaze Of Glory)
Riker Wil (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Rinnak Pire (Deep Space Nine)
Rinox (Mirror Mirror)
Rionoj (Deep Space Nine)
Risa Shore Leave (Alternate Universe)
Rishon Uxbridge (Alternate Universe)
Risky Business (Deep Space Nine)
Riva (Basic Set)
R'Mal (Blaze Of Glory)
Ro Laren (Basic Set)
Ro Laren (Blaze Of Glory)
Robin Lefler (Q Continuum)
Roga Danar (Basic Set)
Roga Danar (Reflections - Foil)
Rogue Borg Mercenaries (Basic Set)
Rom (Rules Of Acquisition)
Romara Cal (Mirror Mirror)
Romulan Ambush (Alternate Universe)
Romulan Cloaking Device (Mirror Mirror)
Romulan Disruptor (Basic Set)
Romulan Disruptor Rifle (Blaze Of Glory)
Romulan Outpost (Basic Set)
Romulan PADD (Basic Set)
Romulan Shuttle (Blaze Of Glory)
Royale Casino: Blackjack (Alternate Universe)
Royale Casino: Craps (Q Continuum)
Royale Casino: Slots (Mirror Mirror)
Ruk (Mirror Mirror)
Rukor (Mirror Mirror)
Runabout (Basic Set)
Runabout Search (Rules Of Acquisition)
Ruwon (Deep Space Nine)
Sakkath (Q Continuum)
Sakonna (Deep Space Nine)
Salia (The Dominion)
Saltah'na Clock (Deep Space Nine)
Salvage Starship (First Contact)
Samaritan Snare (Q Continuum)
Samuel Clemens (Q Continuum)
Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch (Alternate Universe)
Sarek (Basic Set)
Sarish Rez (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Sarita Carson (Blaze Of Glory)
Sarjenka (Basic Set)
Sarthong Plunder (Basic Set)
Satelk (Basic Set)
Scan (Basic Set)
Scan Cycle Check (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Scanner Interference (Blaze Of Glory)
Scepter Of The Grand Nagus (Rules Of Acquisition)
Science Kit (Deep Space Nine)
Science Lab (Deep Space Nine)
Science PADD (Deep Space Nine)
Science Vessel (Basic Set)
Scientific Method (Rules Of Acquisition)
Scorched Hand (First Contact)
Scottish Setter (Q Continuum)
Scout Encounter (First Contact)
Scout Encounter (Reflections - Foil)
Scout Vessel (Basic Set)
Search And Rescue (Deep Space Nine)
Search For Rebels (Mirror Mirror)
Search For Survivors (Deep Space Nine)
Search For Weapons (Starter Deck II)
Secret Compartment (Deep Space Nine)
Secret Salvage (Basic Set)
Secret Salvage II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Secret Salvage II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Security Briefing (The Dominion)
Security Chief Garak (Mirror Mirror)
Security Chief Sulu (Mirror Mirror)
Security Holding Cell (Blaze Of Glory)
Security Office (Deep Space Nine)
Security Precautions (Q Continuum)
Security Sacrifice (Alternate Universe)
Seek Life-form (Basic Set)
Seismic Quake (Deep Space Nine)
Seize Wesley (Alternate Universe)
Sela (Basic Set)
Sela (Reflections - Foil)
Self-Sealing Stem Bolts (Mirror Mirror)
Selok (Basic Set)
Selveth (Deep Space Nine)
Senator Cretak (Rules Of Acquisition)
Senator Letant (Blaze Of Glory)
Senator Vreenak (The Dominion)
Senior Staff Meeting (Alternate Universe)
Sense The Borg (First Contact)
Sensitive Search (Two-Player Game)
Sensitive Search (Warp Pack)
Service The Collective (Enhanced First Contact)
Sevek (First Contact)
Seven Of Nine (Preview Card - The Dominion)
Seven Of Nine (Reflections - Foil)
Shaka, When The Walls Fell (Basic Set)
Shakaar Edon (Deep Space Nine)
Shape-Shift (The Dominion)
Sharat (Deep Space Nine)
Shelby (Basic Set)
Sheliak, The (Q Continuum)
Sheliak, The (Reflections - Foil)
Sherman's Peak (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Ship Seizure (Basic Set)
Shipwreck (First Contact)
Shot In The Back (First Contact)
Silaran Prin (The Dominion)
Simon Tarses (Basic Set)
Sir Isaac Newton (Basic Set)
Sirna Kolrami (Basic Set)
Sisters Of Duras (The Fajo Collection)
Sirol (Q Continuum)
Sisko 197 Subroutine (The Dominion)
Sito Jaxa (Basic Set)
Six Of Eleven (First Contact)
Six Of Nineteen (Enhanced First Contact)
Six Of Seventeen (First Contact)
Six Of Thirteen (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Sixteen Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Skullduggery (Deep Space Nine)
Sleeper Trap (The Dominion)
Small Cloaking Device (Rules Of Acquisition)
Smiley (Mirror Mirror)
Smoke Bomb (Deep Space Nine)
Sniper (Blaze Of Glory)
Solkar (First Contact)
Solok (Rules Of Acquisition)
Sons Of Mogh (Enhanced Premiere)
Sonya Gomez (Q Continuum)
Soong-Type Android (Q Continuum)
Soong-Type Android (2000 Holiday Promotion - Foil)
Soren (Basic Set)
Sorus (Deep Space Nine)
Soto (The Dominion)
Sovak (Rules Of Acquisition)
Space (Q Continuum)
Space Door (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Space-Time Portal (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Spacedock (Basic Set)
Spiral-Wave Disruptor (Blaze Of Glory)
Spock (Two-Player Game - Federation & Klingon)
Spot (The Fajo Collection)
Starfleet Type I Phaser (Blaze Of Glory)
Starfleet Type II Phaser (Basic Set)
Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle (First Contact)
Starry Night (Rules Of Acquisition)
Starship Constitution (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Starship Enterprise (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Static Warp Bubble (Basic Set)
Stefan DeSeve (Alternate Universe)
Stellar Flare (Blaze Of Glory)
Stolen Attack Ship (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Stolen Cloaking Device (Mirror Mirror)
Stop First Contact (First Contact)
Storage Compartment Door (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Strafing Run (Blaze Of Glory)
Strange Bedfellows (Rules Of Acquisition)
Strategic Diversion (Basic Set)
Strict Dress Code (First Contact)
Strike Three (The Dominion)
Subjugate Planet (The Dominion)
Study Badlands (Deep Space Nine)
Study Cometary Cloud (Starter Deck II)
Study "Hole In Space" (Basic Set)
Study Lonka Pulsar (Basic Set)
Study Nebula (Basic Set)
Study Nebula (Reflections - Foil)
Study Plasma Storm (Deep Space Nine)
Study Plasma Streamer (Basic Set)
Study Plasma Streamer (Warp Pack)
Study Pulsar (Starter Deck II)
Study Stellar Collision (Basic Set)
Study Stellar Collision (Warp Pack)
Subcommander Tal (Mirror Mirror)
Subsection Q, Paragraph 10 (Q Continuum)
Subspace Interference (Basic Set)
Subspace Schism (Basic Set)
"Subspace Seaweed" (Deep Space Nine)
Subspace Transporter (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Subspace Warp Rift (Basic Set)
Suicidal Attack (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Suna (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Supernova (Basic Set)
Supernova (Reflections - Foil)
Surmak Ren (Deep Space Nine)
Surprise Assault (The Dominion)
Survey Instability (Two-Player Game)
Survey Mission (Basic Set)
Survey Star System (Deep Space Nine)
Sword Of Kahless (Blaze Of Glory)
Sword Of Kahless (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
Symbiont Diagnosis (Deep Space Nine)
System 5 Disruptors (Deep Space Nine)
System 5 Disruptors (Reflections - Foil)
System-Wide Cascade Failure (Q Continuum)
Taar (Rules Of Acquisition)
Tachyon Detection Grid (Basic Set)
Tactical Console (The Dominion)
Tagus (Mirror Mirror)
Tahna Los (Deep Space Nine)
Taibak (Basic Set)
Taitt (Basic Set)
Takket (Basic Set)
Talak'talan (The Dominion)
Tallera (The Fajo Collection)
Tallus (Basic Set)
Tam Elbrun (Basic Set)
Tama (Alternate Universe)
Tamarith (Blaze Of Glory)
Tantalus Field (Mirror Mirror)
Tarchannen Study (Q Continuum)
Tarellian Plague Ship (Basic Set)
Targ (Alternate Universe)
Target Engines (Blaze Of Glory)
Target Shields (Blaze Of Glory)
Target These Coordinates (Blaze Of Glory)
Target Weapons (Blaze Of Glory)
Taris (Q Continuum)
Taris (Reflections - Foil)
Tarmin (Q Continuum)
Tarus (Basic Set)
Tasha Yar (Basic Set)
Tasha Yar-Alternate (Alternate Universe)
Tasha Yar-Alternate (Reflections - Foil)
Taul (Basic Set)
Taurik (Basic Set)
Taylor Moore (Deep Space Nine)
Taymar Bern (Mirror Mirror)
Tebok (Basic Set)
Tekeny Ghemor (Deep Space Nine)
Telak (Q Continuum)
Telepathic Alien Kidnappers (Basic Set)
Telle (The Dominion)
Telok (Mirror Mirror)
Temo'Zuma (The Dominion)
Temporal Causality Loop (Basic Set)
Temporal Investigations (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Temporal Narcosis (Alternate Universe)
Temporal Rift (Basic Set)
Temporal Vortex (First Contact)
Temporal Wake (First Contact)
Ten Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Terix (Q Continuum)
Terok Nor (Deep Space 9) (Deep Space Nine)
Terraforming Station (Q Continuum)
Terran Outpost (Mirror Mirror)
Terran Rebellion HQ (Mirror Mirror)
Test Mission (Basic Set)
Test Mission (Warp Pack)
Test Mission II (Front) (Enhanced Premiere)
Test Mission II (Back) (Enhanced Premiere)
Test Propulsion Systems (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Tetryon Field (Basic Set)
Tharket (Blaze Of Glory)
Thei (Basic Set)
Thermal Deflectors (Alternate Universe)
Theta-Radiation Poisoning (First Contact)
Thine Own Self (Alternate Universe)
Third Of Five (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Thirteen Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Thomas McClure (First Contact)
Thomas Paris (Preview Card - First Anthology)
Thomas Paris (Mirror Mirror)
Thomas Riker (Basic Set)
Thopok (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Thot Gor (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Thot Pran (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Thought Fire (Alternate Universe)
Thought Maker (Basic Set)
Thrax (Mirror Mirror)
Three Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Three Vipers, The (Deep Space Nine)
Three-Dimensional Thinking (First Contact)
Tijuana Crass (Q Continuum)
Time To Reconsider (Deep Space Nine)
Time Travel Pod (Basic Set)
Timicin (Q Continuum)
T'Kar (Deep Space Nine)
T'Lor (Deep Space Nine)
Toby Russell (Basic Set)
Tog (Rules Of Acquisition)
Tokath (Basic Set)
Tol (Rules Of Acquisition)
Tomalak (Basic Set)
Tomalak Of Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
Toman'torax (The Dominion)
Tomek (Basic Set)
Tommygun (First Contact)
Toq (Basic Set)
Tora Ziyal (Deep Space Nine)
Torak (Basic Set)
Toral (Basic Set)
Toral (White Bordered Beta Version)
Toran (Deep Space Nine)
Toreth (Basic Set)
Toreth (Reflections - Foil)
Torin (Basic Set)
Torture (Blaze Of Glory)
Tower Of Commerce (Rules Of Acquisition)
Tox Uthat (Basic Set)
T'Pan (Basic Set)
T'Pan (White Bordered Beta Version)
T'Pau (Q Continuum)
Trager (The Dominion)
Transfiguration (Q Continuum)
Transporter Chief Kyle (Mirror Mirror)
Transporter Mixup (Mirror Mirror)
Transwarp Conduit (Basic Set)
Transwarp Network Gateway (First Contact)
Trauma (Deep Space Nine)
Traveler, The (Away Team Pack)
Traveler: Transcendence, The (Basic Set)
Trazko (Deep Space Nine)
Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion (The Dominion)
Treaty: Bajoran/Klingon (Deep Space Nine)
Treaty: Cardassian/Bajoran (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion (The Dominion)
Treaty: Federation/Bajoran (Deep Space Nine)
Treaty: Federation/Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)
Treaty: Federation/Dominion (Mirror Mirror)
Treaty: Federation/Klingon (Basic Set)
Treaty: Federation/Romulan (Basic Set)
Treaty: Federation/Romulan/Klingon (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Treaty: Romulan/Bajoran (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Treaty: Romulan/Cardassian (Deep Space Nine)
Treaty: Romulan/Dominion (The Dominion)
Treaty: Romulan/Klingon (Basic Set)
Tribble Bomb (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Tricorder (Basic Set)
Trois, The (Enhanced Premiere)
T'Rul (The Dominion)
Trust Me (Q Continuum)
T'Shanik (Q Continuum)
T'Shonra (First Contact)
Tsiolkovsky Infection (Basic Set)
Tsiolkovsky Infection (White Bordered Beta Version)
Tulaberry Wine Negotiations (Rules Of Acquisition)
Tumek (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Turrel (Deep Space Nine)
T'Vor (Mirror Mirror)
Two Of Eleven (First Contact)
Two Of Nineteen (First Contact)
Two Of Seventeen (First Contact)
Two-Dimensional Creatures (Basic Set)
Ty Kajada (Deep Space Nine)
Type 18 Shuttlepod (Mirror Mirror)
Type VI Shuttlecraft (Basic Set)
Ulani Belor (Deep Space Nine)
Ultimatum (Blaze Of Glory)
Umat'Adan (Blaze Of Glory)
Uncover DNA Clues (The Dominion)
Under Fire (Blaze Of Glory)
Undetected Beam-In (First Contact)
Unnatural Causes (Deep Space Nine)
Unscientific Method (Official Tournament Sealed Deck)
Untrustworthy Associate (Deep Space Nine)
U.S.S. Bozeman (First Contact)
U.S.S. Brittain (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Danube (Deep Space Nine)
U.S.S. Defiant (Preview Card - Deep Space Nine)
U.S.S. Defiant (The Dominion)
U.S.S. Defiant (Reflections - Foil)
U.S.S. Enterprise (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Enterprise (Reflections - Foil)
U.S.S. Enterprise-C (Alternate Universe)
U.S.S. Enterprise-C (Reflections - Foil)
U.S.S. Enterprise-E (First Contact)
U.S.S. Excelsior (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Galaxy (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Hood (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Jupiter (Video Game - Star Trek: Armada)
U.S.S. Miranda (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Oberth (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Oberth (White Bordered Beta Version)
U.S.S. Odyssey (The Dominion)
U.S.S. Pasteur (The Fajo Collection)
U.S.S. Phoenix (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Rio Grande (The Dominion)
U.S.S. Sao Paulo (Rules Of Acquisition)
U.S.S. Stargazer (Q Continuum)
U.S.S. Sutherland (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Thunderchild (Blaze Of Glory)
U.S.S. Thunderchild (Blaze Of Glory - Foil)
U.S.S. Yamato (Basic Set)
U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang (Deep Space Nine)
Vacuum-Desiccated Remains (Rules Of Acquisition)
Vagh (Basic Set)
Vakis (Deep Space Nine)
Vantika's Neural Pathways (Deep Space Nine)
Varat'idan (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Varel (Basic Set)
Varis Sul (Deep Space Nine)
Varon-T Disruptor (Basic Set)
Vartoq (Mirror Mirror)
Vash (Basic Set)
Vedek Dax (Second Anthology)
Vedek Sorad (Deep Space Nine)
Vedek Winn (Deep Space Nine)
Vekma (Basic Set)
Vekor (Basic Set)
Velal (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Vendetta (Deep Space Nine)
Verify Evidence (Deep Space Nine)
Ves Alkar (Q Continuum)
Victory Is Life (Blaze Of Glory)
Virak'kara (The Dominion)
Visit Cochrane Memorial (First Contact)
Voktak (Blaze Of Glory)
Vole Infestation (Deep Space Nine)
Vorgon Raiders (Alternate Universe)
VR Headset (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Vulcan "Death Grip" (Mirror Mirror)
Vulcan Lander (First Contact)
Vulcan Mindmeld (Basic Set)
Vulcan Nerve Pinch (Alternate Universe)
Vulcan Stone Of Gol (Basic Set)
Wake Of The Borg, The (Blaze Of Glory)
Wall Of Ships (First Contact)
Wall Of Ships (Reflections - Foil)
Walls Have Ears, The (Deep Space Nine)
Warp Core Breach (Basic Set)
Warped Space (Alternate Universe)
Wartime Conditions (Alternate Universe)
We Are The Borg (Enhanced First Contact)
We Look For Things (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Weak Spot (First Contact)
Weapons Locker (Deep Space Nine)
Weld Ram (Deep Space Nine)
Wesley Crusher (Basic Set)
Wesley Crusher (White Bordered Beta Version)
Wesley Gets The Point (Q Continuum)
Weyoun (The Dominion)
Weyoun (Reflections - Foil)
Weyoun Of Borg (Mirror Mirror)
Weyoun's Warship (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Where No One Has Gone Before (Basic Set)
Where's Guinan? (Q Continuum)
William T. Riker (Basic Set)
William T. Riker (First Contact)
William T. Riker (Reflections - Foil)
Wind Dancer (Basic Set)
Wind Dancer (White Bordered Beta Version)
Wo'Din (Blaze Of Glory)
Wolf (Alternate Universe)
Worf (Basic Set)
Worf (First Contact)
Worf (The Trouble With Tribbles)
Worf (Reflections - Foil)
Worf Son Of Mogh (Preview Card - The Dominion)
Worf Son Of Mogh (Blaze Of Glory)
Wormhole (Basic Set)
Wormhole Navigation Schematic (Deep Space Nine)
Wormhole Negotiations (Basic Set)
Wormhole Negotiations (Reflections - Foil)
Worshiper (Alternate Universe)
Writ Of Accountability (Rules Of Acquisition)
Wrong Door (Q Continuum)
Wyatt Earp (Mirror Mirror)
Xepolite Freighter (Deep Space Nine)
Yak'Talon (The Dominion)
Yelgren (The Dominion)
Yellow Alert (Alternate Universe)
Yellow Alert (Warp Pack)
Yeto (Deep Space Nine)
Yint (The Trouble With Tribbles)
You Dirty Rat (The Dominion)
You Will In Time (Q Continuum)
Young Jem'Hadar (The Dominion)
Yridian Shuttle (Basic Set)
Yuta (Q Continuum)
Yuta (Reflections - Foil)
Zaldan (Alternate Universe)
Zalkonian Storage Capsule (Q Continuum)
Zalkonian Vessel (Q Continuum)
Zayra (The Dominion)
Zetal (Blaze Of Glory)
Zibalian Transport (Basic Set)
Zef'No (Deep Space Nine)
Zefram Cochrane (First Contact)
Zefram Cochrane's Telescope (First Contact)
Zon (Q Continuum)
Zyree (The Dominion)

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