I was born in Oregon, Ohio on June 17, 1979, ironically enough on Father's Day that year (great present for my dad). I am the youngest of two brothers and graduated from Clay High School in 1997. Currently I'm attending Owens Community College majoring in secondary education. I also am engaged to my lovely fiancee Amy who I will marry Sept. 13, 2003. I have some interesting hobbies when I'm not with friends, working through my church, or working at my regular job. One of my more enjoyuable hobbies for me is that i write short stories based on characters from the old west, which is how I got my e-mail address from my main character of these stories Winston Macbride. At this time I'm a very long time away from finishing school but I hope to ultimately be able to teach high school science one day either here in Toledo or even elsewhere, depending on which way God chooses to set my path. If you have interest in either the stories I am working on or about the group of young ! adults i belong to that have social occassions throught the year, please contact me through the e-mail listed on my how to contact page of this site. I wish every one the best in their endeavors and remember, duct tape is like the force, it has a light side, it has a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

Godspeed Friends and Strangers Alike

Chris Carson

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