by John Forster



Oh there's a little bitty island down around the Gulf of Mexico
Since I was freezin' in the city I decided I would up and go
I packed my snorkel, shades, and cassette
But as I boarded the jet
I had a crazy premonition this vacation I would not forget

And I was right

Oh you can catch the rays in Cancun
And you can swim for days in Cancun
But when the night time falls
Oh how New York calls
'Cause there's no cocaine in Cancun


So when I landed I was stranded on an isle that's never heard of snow
But in the town I found a bar where the guitarist seemed like he would know
I walked right up and said "Hey, Senor"
"Do you know where I can score"
He didn't answer yes or no. He merely sang a song I'd heard before

It went like this

Oh we got motor bikes in Cancun
And we got nature hikes in Cancun
And we got water sports
But forget the snorts
'Cause there's no cocaine in Cancun

Underneath the tropic sky
Waves are crashing, so am I
I feel the sand between my toes
Something's wrong. I can feel my nose
Then, in answer to my prayer a native girl is standing there
A Cancun coquette who said she could get
Me some fine cocaine in Cancun

Can do

She said to meet her in an hour with the cash or else a travellers' check
And so I ran to my hotel and back and there I stood, a nervous wreck
She had the stuff, we finished the swap
But as I started to chop
She pulled a gun and I was staring at an undercover Cancun cop

Drop that spoon, gringo

Then she continued

Oh we got latin bands in Cancun
And we got taco stands in Cancun
And we got sea of blue
And now we got you
Doing one to ten in Cancun

Oh we got everything in Cancun
Even got Burger King in Cancun
We got tropic moon, we got blue lagoon
We got chic saloon, we got Debbie Boone
She's in Brigadoon for two weeks in June
But there's no snow, no blow, no cocaine in Cancun

(sniffing sounds)

Cancun is the sixth (6th) song on the "The Official Bootleg Album" album. It is an original song by John Forster and Michael Leeds.

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