Codependent With You

by John Forster


I'd sing you an old fashioned love song
But our relationship is too complex
I'm compulsive
You're obsesive
And we're both acting out through sex

Since none of the old songs fit
Here's a new song that is more appropriate

You hold your breath, dear, and I turn blue
'Cause I'm so codepandent with you
How sublime it feels
To be head over heels

Your life was screwed up
Now mine is too
'Cause I'm so codepandent with you

You're unstable, you (?)
I'll enable you
I'm codependent

Abusive? Hah!
You're way off the curb
But darlin', that's fine
You're all I deserve

So kick me around like a dog at the pound
I will still fetch your slippers on queue (:^>)

You're my Albatross
But you're still the boss
I'm codependent with you

I'm so addicted to all your alures
That when I die
The life that flashes before me will be yours

Sick as it is I will stick like glue
Though a snake gets more love in the zoo
I'm no garter dear
I'm a martyr deer
Who is oh so codependent
With you

Codependent With You is the tenth (10th) song on the "Entering Marion" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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