by John Forster

NOTE: Words in Yiddish are Italicized.


Since I met her I'm on shpilkes
In a tsimmes, all ablur
She's so oysgeshtrozelt that I put a kvell on her

Fartutzt am I, farshvitst am I
Meshugga, farshlugga, farblitst am I
Farktutzt, fuddled und farblondget bin ich

Farmisht bin ich, farbissht bin ich
As limp as a kasha varnisht bin ich
Fartutzt, fuddled und farblondget am I

Lost my heart to a shiksa
Mama zogt, "She's a goy"
"What kind of son picks a shiksa"
"Better you should pick a nice Jewish boy"

A klutz with love, a putz with love
Well, now I know never to futz with love
Fartutzt, fuddled und farblondget bin ich

Fartutzt... is the fifth (5th) song on the "The Official Bootleg Album" album. It is a song with music by Richard Rogers with an original translation by John Forster.

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