by John Forster


The intermingling of two musics
I say it's the music of the future
And hey, I oughta know

Have you heard my latest album?
It's a masterpiece of fusion
Just a masterpiece of fusion, if I do say so myself
A true collaboration of the heaviest musicians on the planet

That's Sakimoto playing the bamboo flute; he's a monster
And Picho Zuptabuma's on a vira; check it out
And over on the cabassa; who is that on the cabassa?
Oh yeah; that's the guy who drove me in from the airport
I forget his name, but he's a monster too

We're all just monsters of fusion
We're intermingling our musics
In a welter of ethnic confusion

This pretty tune was written by Hanz Leo Hasler in 1599
I wrote some words and changed about three notes
Now ASCAP says it's mine
I love constructing albums from objects that I find

From all kinds of folk riffs that're just sorta out there
Nobody owns them, they're in public domain
And the foreign musicians who play those folk riffs
Well, they're just crisp for my fevered brain

Mamma don't take my copywrite
Gimme that folk riff copywrite
Mamma don't take my copywrite from me

There've been slurs and innuendos
There've been nasty little comments
I don't bother to respond to them; they roll right off my back
I'm well aware that there's an element you could call exploitation
In the way that I appropriate the cultures of these peoples for my own commercial purposes
But everone who works for me gets credit, and royalties, and Grammies
And a chance to ride to stardom on my coattails
But hey, let's just remember who's the genius here

Who is the master of Fusion
It's a matter of finders keepers
'Cause there ain't no copywrites in fusion
We're all just rippin' off each other
In a jungle of ethical confusion
And it's a hell of a lot of fun, fun
A hell of a lot of fun, fun
I'm thinkin' this song is a labalber (?)

Fusion is the second (2nd) song on the "Entering Marion" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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