by John Forster

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NOTE : Lyrics in italics indicate a higher singing voice
NOTE : Lyrics in bold indicate the "appearance" of many voices


Cocain Bill and Morphine Sue
Get out the way, here come Helium Hue
Helium *whisp of air*
Runnin' 'round my brain

A ten buck bottle on the street
Will getcha 'bout a hundred fifty cubic feet *whisp of air*
Of helium
Runnin' 'round my brin

*whisp of air* I'm all through with blow and boo
Bourbon, cigarettes, and airplane glue
I no longer waste my breath
Cryin' "give me librium or give me death"

*whisping of air begins and voice starts rising*
Breath it in and up you go
Nice and slow
When you're done

*whisping of air ends and voice starts lowering*
Down you come
'Cause helium

Is really unbelievable stuff

Float in space
Your minds are blank
The only pressure
Is in the tank
Nothing can upset this tranquil moo oo-oo oo-ood

Take it
*sounds of raising and lowering kazoos*

Mon Senior James says all his monks
Got helium hoses up in their bunks
(monks chanting)
*more kazoos*

Crack is bad and smack is bad and so is LSD
And I vaguely recall that pot screws up your memory
So when I die, oh please don't skimp(sp?)
Bury my body in the Goodyear blimp
*whisp of air* I've got to get to have that helium
Runnin' 'round my brain

*whisping of air begins and voice starts rising*

*the sounds of dogs barking*

*voice is lowering* Helium
Down I come

Kids, don't try this at home
There's no such thing as a safe drug

If you find yourself at a birthday party
And your friends are doing balloons
Just say "no"

*voice raising* Up I go
Up I go
Up I go

Helium is the first (1st) song on the "helium.html" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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