Sparky And The Noank Philharmonic

by John Forster

NOTE: Lyrics spoken by the interviewer are Italicized.
NOTE: Lyrics spoken by the conductor are Underlined.


You're listening to Midnight Classics and I'm your host, Fourchette.
Tonight, the Noank Philharmonic, under the baton of Maestro Buddy MacDonald.

I caught up with the controversial conductor at a recent rehearsal.

Maestro, there are those critics who say the Noank Philharmonic Is more of a circus than an orchestra.
Yes, I've heard that
They say that the humpback whale has no place on today's concert stage
He does take up some room.
Your detractors charge you with mangling the music of the masters in service of your idiotic programming ideas...
I know
And basically showing a deep contempt for the composer's intentions.
Yah. Yah. Yah.
How do you respond?
I think sooner or later, Spark will be accepted.
He's a sensitive interpreter and he can count,
Which among singers is fairly unusual

(Tuning can be heard in the background)

We're ready now at the mystic acquarium for the Mozart Horn Concerto Koecher 417 in E Flat
Tonight, for some reason, being played in G.
Spark is in his tank.
Here's The Maestro
And we're off

(music begins with whale noises in the background)

Sparky And The Noank Philharmonic is the fourth (4th) song on the "The Official Bootleg Album" album. The original song is by Mozart with original lyrics and commentary by John Forster.

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