The Tragic Kingdom

by John Forster

NOTE: Lyrics that are BOLDED were sung by the characters.
NOTE: Names that are UNDERLINED were sound effects implying the character(s) listed.
NOTE: Lyrics in ITALICS were sung.


Welcome to the Tragique Kingdom
The theme parc that is only for the French

We French love a paradox
And so we enter the Tragique Kingdom
Through Comedy Land

What a farce, what a farce
People falling on their arse
To the bang bang bang of slamming doors

Donald, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Donald
Ai, ai, ai, ai

Look! Mickey Mouse dancing with Goofy,
And the great Jerry Lewis
Jerry: Hey lady, oh ho ho
It is very amusing
But, being French, you are quickly bored and move on

To Sensuality Land
Near the gate you notice Minnie Mouse
Minnie: Bonjour, ca va bien
She has unusual feet
You decide to take her for your lover

You picnic, you have a fight, but you make up
You fait l'amour
C'est magnifique
Encore, you fait l'amour
But this time, you feel nothing, it is dead
You walk away
Minnie: Ah, non. Reviens

To Nostalgia Land.
The odor of jonquils enshrouds you in an ancient sadness.
La la la la la la, it's all gone wrong
And everywhere you look the lines are long
La la la la la la la la la la la, it's a sad sad world
La la la la la la la la la la la

You climb aboard the George Sand Emotional Roller Coaster

Intellectual Land
You can't breathe. The walls move
You sweat. You've got to get out
You enter the Jean Paul Sartre Labyrinthe
Seven Dwarves: Ee oh, ee oh, nous allons au bouleau. Ee oh, ee oh, ee oh, etc
Beast: Why are you here
Minnie: Ah non! Reviens
Your head is throbbing. There is no exit
Suddenly you find yourself falling down the semiotic waterslide

Soft dark night, bonsoir
Tragic Kingdom, au revoir
The ecstasy is finished
In the parking lot you start your car
And continue your journey
To the grave

Minnie: Good-bye
Mickey: Come on Minnie. I'm Taking you home
Donald: Au revoir
All: Au revoir

The Tragic Kingdom is the fourth (4th) song on the "Helium" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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