Type A

by John Forster


The CEO of an S&L was a class A SOB
His MO went from PDQ through ASAP
By the way, totally type A

This CEO, his S&L
It's P&L NG
FDIC real PO'd
Ditto SEC

S&L gonna fail
FBI on his trail
Time to bail, type A

Coppin' Z's in BVDs
4 AM he wakes
His head aches like TNT
Anxiety, the shakes

This is not PMS
Better call EMS

The EMS takes the BQE
North on FDR
29th street, NYU
Straight to the ER

They give the guy a CAT
An MRI, an EKG
By the by
They notice he's type A

Not B, not Q, not R, not S
But A, IE the guy's a mess

He has TB, he has VD
He has BO, PU
His EEG is not OK
Which KOs his IQ

Two RNs, one MD
All agree it's RIP
Unless he learns to be
(Type B)
Type B

The old RX from his MD
Was mainly R&R
Some NFL, some T&A
And soon he's up to par

Though you feel A OK
You could be DOA
So change your POV
To type B


Type A is the tenth (10th) song on the "Helium" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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