Way Down Deep (You're Shallow)

by John Forster

Note: Words in italics were sung by Christine Lavin.
Note: Words that're underlined are song together.
Note: Words in (parenthises) are sung by background singers.


Ooh, John. You look so good. So do I.

Way down deep, you're shallow
Superficial to the core
Beneath your surface, there's just more surface
And beneath that, even more

You've never had a deep thought
And I hope you never do
You're all I need
You're just my speed
I'm even shallower than you

Yes, you are.

You're not an iceberg, just a tip
So you can't rip the bottom off my ship

I feel so safe when you are nearby
Because I know there's less to you than meets the eye

And though you're oh so shallow
Truly dumb and kind of grazed

Compared to me, you're like some PHD
I'm so shallow that I'm slightly razed
Slightly razed

(The deeper you go, the less you will find)

Way down deep, we're shallow
Hollow as an old guitar

And considering that we're * so empty
It's amazing how full of it we are

At heart
At heart
We're both
We're both
So heartless
Yet we've pledged our hearts forever more

And we're sincere
Right down to our venier {sp}

Deep down we're shallow to the core

Deep down we're shallow
To the core

(this pool has no deep end; no lifeguard is needed)
(the island is lovely, but nobody lives there)

* - at this point in the song, listening closely, you can here a gasp.

Way Down Deep (You're Shallow) is the seventh (7th) song on the "Entering Marion" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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