by John Forster


We're whole
We're finally whole
One big happy Deutchland in body and soul
Divided we languished, but now overnight
We are whole, we are whole, we are whole
Well, not quite

A large hunk of Poland is actually ours
Stripped from the fatherland after the war
By the vengeful allies and the land hungry Poles
We'd need half of Poland to really be whole

You can call it Gidansk
It'll always be Danzig to me
But the past is the past
Forgive and forget
Today is a day to rejoice

We are whole
Or practically whole
And so strong we've no need to assert our control
Like that whole Salzberg area
That by right is Bavaria

And Alsace-Loraine
What about Alsace-Loraine
It's in France
But it's ours

Stratsburg is German
German has nachwurst
And it's ours
We want it back

We want to be whole
We yearn to be whole
Ha-ha-ha Whole
Ha-ha-ha Whole

And some day
We'll be whole
I can just see the day when we'll be
More whole than we've ever been
When the United States Of Europe is based in Berlin
When the currancy's deutchmarks and no borders remain
And the Audobon stretches from Finland to Spain
And the kids pledge allegiance to President Kole

Then we'll be whole, we'll be whole, we'll be whole
Though they'll call it the common market
It will always be Deutchland to me

Whole is the fifth (5th) song on the "Entering Marion" album. It is an original song by John Forster.

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