Miscellaneous Album Credits : Amish Paradise (Maxi CD)

Miscellaneous Album Credits From Amish Paradise (Maxi CD)

Produced by Al Yankovic. Engineered and mixed by Tony Papa. Assistant Engineer: Colin Sauers.

AMISH PARADISE is a parody of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio (A. Ivey, Jr., L Sanders, D. Rasheed, S. Wonder). Jobete Music Co. Inc., ASCAP/Black Bull Music Inc., ACSAP/T-Boy Music Publishing Inc., ASCAP/Boo Daddy Publishing, ASCAP/ Songs Of Polygram International, BMI/Madcastle Muzik, BMI/GS Only Productions, BMI. "Gilligan's Island Theme" lyrics courtesy of Sherwood Schwartz & George Wyle. EMIU Catalog Inc., ASCAP. New lyrics by Al Yankovic. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG by Al Yankovic. Ear Booker Music, BMI. THE NIGHT SANTA WENT CRAZY (EXTRA GORY VERSION) by Al Yankovic. Ear Booker Music, BMI. DARE TO BE STUPID (INSTRUMENTAL) by Al Yankovic. Holy Moley Music/Ear Booker Music, BMI.

"Weird Al" Yankovic : lead and background vocals, keyboards, and accordion

Jim West : guitars and background vocals

Steve Jay : bass guitar and background vocals

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz : drums and percussion

Ruben Valtierra : keyboards on "Amish Paradise"
Lisa Popeil : background vocals on "Amish Paradise"
Gary Hergig : baritone sax

Art Direction : Doug Haverty
Desgin : Command A Studios
Photography : Carl Studna
Bad Hair : Roseanne McIlvane

Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, L.A., CA

Management : Jay Levey c/o Imaginary Entertainment, L.A.

Write to Al at : Close Personal Friends of Al, 8033 Sunset Blvd., L.A., CA 90046 (Send a self-addressed stamped envelope for info)

From the Rock 'n' Roll/Scotti Bros. Records release Bad Hair Day 972392 75500-2/4)

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