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Starting out by recording songs on his own and having them played on the Dr. Demento radio show, the Prince of Parodies has risen to the top of the comedy music business. On his Brand New Album, Straight Outta Lynwood (9/26), he includes parodies of Chamillionaire (With Krayzie Bone), R.Kelly, Usher, Green Day, and the 2006 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. These songs include such timeless classics as White And Nerdy (Ridin'), Canadian Idiot (American Idiot), Confessions Part III (Confessions Part II), Do I Creep You Out (Do You Like Me Know), Trapped In A Drive-Thru (Stuck In A Closet), and a half dozen new originals such as Don't Download This Song, Pancreas, and Weasel Stomping Day. Al also has his very own music video DVDs and live concert DVD, and who can forget his movie, UHF (also on DVD)! Even his own Saturday morning TV series, The Weird Al Show is now available on DVD!

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