Miscellaneous Album Credits : It's All ABout the Pentiums (Import CD Single)

Miscellaneous Album Credits From It's All About The Peniums (Import CD Single)

Track 1: An adaptation of "It's all about the Benjamins" (Sean Sean 'Puffy' Combs/Notorius B.I.G./Sean Jacobs/Jason Phillips/David Styles/Kim Jones/Deric Angelettie/Linda Laurie/Teri Elinger). EMI April Music, Inc., JustinCombs Publishing Company, Inc.,Big Pappa Music, SheekLouchion, Jae Won Publishing, Pantro's Publishing controlled and administered by EMI April Music (ASCAP). All rights for Deric Angeletti Music controled and administered by EMI Blackwood, Inc.(BMI) Kimberly Jones (BMI)Undeas Music (BMI) administered by Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp. (BMI). Also contains an interpolation of 'I did it for love' by Linda Laurie and Tery Etlinger, Unichappel and Savette Music Co.(BMI), My Baby's Music (ASCAP) Chappel & Co. (ASCAP) New Lyrics by Al Yankovic. Track 2 & 3: Lyrics adaptaion of 'American Pie' (Don Mclean). Music Corporation of America, Inc./Benny Bird Music (BMI) (Administered by Copyright Management Int.). New yrics by Al Yankovic.

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