"Big Mac" by Steven Humphreys

I like Big Macs and apple pies
Super-sized frie i cant deny
When you're at a place orderin face-to-face
Tryin to decide between two shakes you get ON-ion rings

Had enough? ugh, ugh, not stuffed, my hunger is a tearin'
To the menu, I'm a starin'
I want a big and tasty, a shake thats not to pasty
My homeys tried to warn me but Wendy's makes me O so hungry

Eatin this should be a sin, a fish-wich with no fin
It says use me, use me 'cause I really ain't that choosey
Don't got to be too fancy, as long as it aint rancid
Drumstick, Christal's Chick, I really cannot pick

As long as it has cheese and a slab of bacon please
An apple pie not used will rot so you got to pack a sack
So fellas YEAH!, fellas YEAH!, you like them Big Macs, HECK YEAH!
Then make it, make it, make it, make it, make it to the joint

And buy a Big Mac
Fruit and juice with a yogurt parfait
Fruit and juice with a yogurt parfait

I like 'em big and round and when I get hungry, I just can't help myself
I'm eatin' like an animal, now here's my scandle
I wanna get 'em home and MMMM! eat them up, up
I ain't talkin' 'bout Burger Boy, them little burgers ain't made for boys

I like 'em thick and juicy, so find that juicy double
If it ain't too much trouble, don't get me that value meal rubble
So I'm lookin' at the menu and tryin to choose while the goods are few
I think I'll take #2, as long as it don't taste like poo

I got sick-cha, from the fry of fren-cha, shouldn't have bit-cha
Should not have listned when I said, "Gonna eat till the break of dawn"
Big Mac's got it goin on, a lot of slims don't like this song
They like to ban Mickey D's and I'd rather stay and fight

Because they diet, wont try it, wont touch it if you fry it
I say, "Ladies, yeah, ladies, yeah
If you want some big and tasty, turn around and say it loud
Even health-dude's gotta shout, "Buy a Big Mac.

So your girfriend wants a Whopper, gonna put it in her chopper
Well, a Whopper dont have an extra bun in the middle of its topper
You can change kids meals or sizes but please dont lose that Mac

Some want nutrition, and tell you the Mac ain't gold
They toss it and leave and I pull up quick to eat it
It's talked about in magazines and Michael Jordan, too
Don't know with whom youre messin', a thousand's island's dressin

So ladies if youve got a frown
And you wanna turn it upside down
Call 1-800-Mickey D's and kick those hungry thoughts
Buy a Big Mac

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