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Special Thanks To : Steven Spielberg, Michael Crichton, Sid Sheinberg & Universal, Burt Berman, Jimmy Webb, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lindy Goetz, Fred Seibert & Hanna Barbera, Alan Reed Jr., Noel Blanc, Walter Williams, Billy Ray Cyrus, Don Von Tress, Aerosmith, Tim Collins, John Mammoser, Queen, Jim Beach, Lee Masters, Gary Socol & E! Television, Mike Solton, John Kricfalusi, Gina Mai Denn, Marianne at Passport Designs Inc., Steve at Young Chang America, Del at Washburn, John at Mesa Boogie, Mike at Yamaha, Brian at Seymour Duncan, Alembic Inc., Fender Music Instuments, Impact Drums, Rhythm Tech Percussion, Capella Sticks, DW pedals, Mary Taten, Reed D'Eugenio, Mark Davis, Rob Izenber, Bill Manspeaker, Mark Osborne, Scott Nordlund, Lynn Dickinson, Joel Miller, and Barret Eugene Hansen

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