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Whose Improv Is It Anyway? : Original On-The-Spot Satire

A handmade database of improv games & hints on how to perform live improv.

Improv comedy is an art. Have you ever seen all those guys (and gals) do it on that TV show? How about live at a comedy club? Notice how good they are? Improv is hard to master, but easy to do! It's simply a matter of knowing EVERYTHING about the improv games themselves and getting in a lot of practice.

Truthfully, improv acting isn't just about the improv acting itself: it can also help with building up public speaking skill (and confidence) and can be used in classrooms to teach! Of course, it has also been used for decades as a way to train and prepare actors and performers! This site was inspired by the television show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", although it is not officially affiliated with the show. Hopefully, with this site, you too can become an improv guru. Oh, and (hopefully) you'll have fun while you're at it! Enjoy!

So, without too much further ado, Welcom to the Whose Improv Is It Anyway? homepage!

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