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An Interview With Dawn E. Emanuele

Dawn E. Emauele has many talents. She's done lots of acting, both improv and stage. She's been creating costumes for years. She's even been successful with martial arts and overcome a form of dyslexia. Based locally in Milwaukee, Dawn's current primary venture is her career as an artist. Working with her long-time partner (and boyfriend) Joel B. Talacko, Dawn not only promotes her art locally, but also travels to conventions (such as Origins & GenCon) and has gained more than a small following. Dawn's art consists of various form of painting, and well as her signature roses.

After arranging (at Origins 2002) for the interview to take place (at GenCon 2002), I did nothing more to prepare what I wanted to do than to brainstorm generalities - what categories I wanted to address was pretty much it. I did not script the questions ahead of time, nor did I know about all the categories that were discussed before they came up. I basically "went with the flow of traffic" on this one, keeping the interview itself as a work of improv. I have split up the interview questions into categories so that it is easier to find the desired information, with the full interview and a links section also included. Some of the questions may have fit into more than one category, and so have been listed more than once.

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