Miscellaneous Album Credits : Off The Deep End

Miscellaneous Album Credits From Off The Deep End

"Weird Al" Yankovic : lead and background vocals, keyboards, and accordion

Jim West : guitars, banjo, and background vocals

Steve Jay : bass guitar and background vocals

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz : drums and percussion

Brad Buxer : synthesizers
Warren Luening : trumpet
Joel Peskin : clarinet
Tommy Johnson : tuba

Produced by Al Yankovic
Engineered and Mixed by Tony Papa
Assistant engineers: Jamey Dell and Colin Sauers

Background singers: Julie Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters, Luther Waters, Carmen Twillie, Jim Haas, Jerry Whitman, Jon Joyce, Gene Morford, Peggy Newman, Natasha Neece, Alisa Curran, and Samantha Kaye
Management: Imaginary Entertainment, Los Angeles
Photographs: Kirk Weddle
Voice-Overs: Beau Weaver, Neil Ross, Marlene Aragon, Deidra Gray, and Edith Fore

Special Guest on "Taco Grande": Cheech Marin

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