Album Credits : Straight Outta Lynwood (DVD Credits)

Album Credits From Straight Outta Lynwood (DVD Credits)

Don't Download This Song
Director, Animator: Bill Plympton
Producer, Digital Composing: Kerri Jaworski
Colorist: Lisa LaBracio
Art Assistant: Kristin Chiappone
Technical Director: Biljana Labovic
I'll Sue Ya
Directed/Animated by Thomas Lee
Additional artwork by Debbie Yuen & Yun-Yu Shen
Weasel Stomping Day
Directed by Robot Chicken
Conceptualized by Doug Goldstein, Seth Green, Tom Root, Matthew Senreich & Al Yankovic
Producer: Shadow Machine
Executive Producer: Stoopid Monkey
Close But No Cigar
Directed by John Kricfalusi
Layouts by John Kricfalusi & Katie Rice
Animatic by Al Yankovic
Flash animation by Copernicus Studios, Halifax
Directed/Concept by Jim Blashfield
Produced by Marilyn Zornado
Stock footage courtesy of Prelinger Archives
Virus Alert
Animated and Directed by David C. Lovelace
3D Rendering by Peter Bradley
"Altrix" animation effects by Dan LeRoy
Produced by Andrew Keplinger, Left Brain Games
Al In The Studio
Shot by Suzanne Yankovic
Edited by Al Yankovic

DVD Supervision: Jeff Dodes
DVD Creative Director: Christopher Melvin
DVD Author: Chris Haggerty

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