Gandhi II

by Al Yankovic

Lyrics: Announcer: Next week on U62... Announcer: He's back Announcer: And this time Announcer: He's mad Announcer: Gandhi II Announcer: No more mister passive resistance Announcer: He's out to kick some butt Announcer: This is one bad mother you don't wanna mess with<br> Gandhi : Don't move, slimeball Announcer: He's a one man recking crew Announcer: But he also knows how to party Gandhi : Gimme a steak, medium rare Gangster : Hey, Baldy! Announcer: There is only one law Announcer: His law Announcer: Gandhi II

Gandhi II is the second (2nd) song on the "UHF Soundtrack" album. It is an original song by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

A performance video of Gandhi II is located within the movie UHF.

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