Spatula City

by Al Yankovic


Announcer: There's just one place to go for all of your spatula needs
Random Voice #1: Spatula City
Random Voice #2: Spatula City

A giant warehouse of spatulas for every occasion. Thousands to choose from in every shape, size, and color. And because we eliminate the middle man, we can sell all our spatulas factory direct to you. Where do you go if you want to buy name brand spatulas at a fraction of retail cost?
Random Voice: Spatula City
Random Voice: Spatula City

And this weekend only, take advantage of our special liquidation sale. Buy nine spatulas, get the tenth one for just one penny. Don't forget, they make great Christmas presents. And what better way to say "I love you." than with the gift of a spatula?
Random Voice: Spatula City
Random Voice: Spatula City

Sy Greenblum:
Hello, this is Sy Greenblum, president of Spatula City. I liked their spatulas so much, I bought the company.

Spatula City - seven locations; we're in the yellow pages under "spatulas".

Neighbor: My, where did you get that lovely spatula?
Singers: Spatula City: We sell spatulas, and that's all.

Spatula City is the tenth (10th) song on the "UHF Soundtrack" album. It is an original song by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

A performance video of Spatula City is located within the movie UHF.

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