Miscellaneous Album Credits : Alpocalypse (Deluxe Version)

Miscellaneous Album Credits From Alpocalypse (Deluxe Version)


CNR Animated and directed by JibJab.com

TMZ Animated and directed by Bill Plympton
Production Supervisor: Desiree Stavracos / Colorist: Lindsay Woods
Executive Producer: Ron Diamond, Acme Filmworks

SKIPPER DAN Animated and directed by Divya Srinivasan

CRAIGSLIST Directed by Liam Lynch

PARTY IN THE CIA Directed by Roque Ballesteros
Produced by Julie Moscowitz & Corrine Wong for Ghostbot, Inc
Art Director: Roman Laney / Animators: Sam Chi, Tony Cliff, Alan Lau,
Kenn Navaro & Brad Rau / Assitant Animators: Jamaica Dyer & Kris Toscanini

RINGTONE Directed by Josh Faure-Brac and Dustin McLean
for Current TV's SuperNews / Lead Animator: Steven K.L. Olson

ANOTHER TATTOO Animated and directed by Augenblick Studios

IF THAT ISN'T LOVE Animated and directed by Brian Frisk

WHATEVER YOU LIKE Animated and directed by Chris Shapan

STOP FORWARDING THAT CRAP TO ME Animated and directed by Koos Dekker

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