Extreme Makeover Polka

by Al Yankovic


Well, there's a girl named Amanda who lives in Wells, Maine
She never has boys or shopping on her brain
There's only one thing drivin' her insane
All she cares about is polka

Congratulations, Amanda
Rebecca, Doug and Tabitha too
'Cause I brought my accordion
And soon I will be moving in with you

Because you don't want 50 Cent here
Or that Matchbox Twenty guy
Oh no, you just want to polka
And so I'll stay right here and polka polka polka polka polka till I die

How do you like your new polka room, Amanda?

Extreme Makeover Polka is, as of yet, officially unreleased. It was performed on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, part of which was aired on television.

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