Rare & Unreleased "Weird Al" Stuff

12th Street Rag
Baby Likes Burping
Backwards section from Nature Trail To Hell
Ballad Of Kent Marlow, The
Belvedere Cruising
Beverly Hillbillies/Miss You
Born To Be Mild
Burger King
Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios
Chicken Pot Pie
Christmas Memories Of "Weird Al" Yankovic
Crampton Comes Alive
Dead Car Battery Blues
Don't You Forget About Meat
Dr. Demento Anniversary Special
Dr. Demento show (radio promo)
Dueling Accordians (Traditional)
Extreme Makeover Polka
Fast Food
Flatbush Avenue
Free Delivery
Gee, I'm A Nerd
Green Eggs And Ham
Gravy On You
Hit Me With A Rock
Holiday Greetings 1987
Holiday Greetings 1988
Homer & Marge (The Simpsons Song)
Hot Beets
House Of The Sesame Seed Bun
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Zoo
I Lost On Jeopardy (Extended Mix) (unreleased in the United States)
I Love Rocky Road (demo)
I Will Comply
If I Could Make Love To A Bottle
I'll Repair For You
I'm Stupid Blues
It's Still Billy Joel To Me
Jurassic Park (Japanese Version) (unreleased in the United States)
Jurassic Park (Japanese/English Bilingual Mix) (unreleased in the United States)
Kidstar 1250 (radio promo)
Laundry Day
Leisure Suit Serenade
Like A Surgeon (Madonna's "Truth Or Dare" Version)
Make Me Steak #3
Matter Of Crust
Moldy Now
More Than A Filling
My Bologna (original men's bathroom recording)
Never Met A Person As Wonderful As Me
Nobody Here But Us Frogs
Off The Deep End's hidden track
Open House Party (radio promo)
Orgy On My Own
Polka Patterns
RealRadio 104.1 (radio promo)
School Cafeteria - Version 1
School Cafeteria - Version 2
Shaving Cream (With Dr. Demento)
Since You've Been Gone (live version)
Snack All Night
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
Spy Hard (Credits Version) (Unreleased)
Stop Draggin' My Car Around (demo)
Submission to Dr. Demento for theme song contest
Take Me Down
Take Me To The Liver
Take The "L" Out Of Liver
We Got The Beef
We Won't Eat Another Hero
Week of Welcome '79
Week of Welcome '80
Whole Lotta Lunch
Won't Eat Prunes Again
Yoda (home recording)
Yoda Chant
You Don't Take Your Showers
You Light Up My Life (punk version)
-1985 Food Medley - 01 - It's Moldy Now
-1985 Food Medley - 02 - Doctor
-1985 Food Medley - 03 - Steak Number 3
-1985 Food Medley - 04 - Burger King
-1985 Food Medley - 05 - Don't You Forget About Meat
-1985 Food Medley - 06 - Girls Just Want To Have Lunch
-1985 Food Medley - 07 - The Rye And The Kaiser
-1985 Food Medley - 08 - I Love Rocky Road
-1985 Food Medley - 09 - Spameater
-1985 Food Medley - 10 - I Feel Like Throwin' Up
-1985 Food Medley - 11 - Avocado
-1985 Food Medley - 12 - Whole Lotta Lunch
-1985 Food Medley - 13 - Bologna
19?? Food Medley - 01 - Chicken Pot Pie
19?? Food Medley - 02 - Green Eggs And Ham
19?? Food Medley - 03 - Snack All Night
19?? Food Medley - 04 - I Feel Like Throwin' Up
19?? Food Medley - 05 - Throw Gravy On You
19?? Food Medley - 06 - Take Me To The Liver
19?? Food Medley - 07 - I'm Fatter

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